TFC Network

The TFC network is an ever-expanding family of sites dedicated to undermining and replacing corporate and government controlled media. Our network currently includes:

The Fifth Column: Our flagship site with an international focus. It’s backed by a massive global network of independent journalists, affiliates, and like minded sites.

The Pontiac Tribune: A long-time mainstay of the independent media, The Pontiac Tribune joined the TFC family in January of 2016. It will soon transform into a US and Canadian focused independent outlet dedicated to establishing a network of journalists from all of the major markets in those two countries.

Sleeper Cells: To compete with the world’s media conglomerates, TFC has to step beyond the written word. This outlet is primed to begin establishing our video and audio operations. Soon you will find original TFC audio and video content.

If you’re interested in having your independent outlet’s content syndicated through the TFC network, drop us a line.

Our Staff:

Justin King: Editor. Journalist and activist. Has written 1000s of articles published on over 100 websites. Contact him on Facebook or Twitter.

Kristin Paquette: Editor. TFC Network’s behind the scenes guru.

Clint Peterson: Content curator.


Cassius Methyl: Founder of Era of Wisdom, a thinker, agorist, advocate of counter-economics, spiritual person, artist, and human being of the late Millennial Generation. Contact him on Facebook.

Isiah Holmes: Journalist and Videographer.

Ben Morris: Has written about the war on terror, corporatism, and marijuana laws. Appeared in The Huffington Post Alberta, Policy Mic, and currently contributes to Digital Journal and The Fifth Column. He can be contact via Facebook

Randi Nord: She is a writer and co-hosts a weekly podcast. She can be contacted via Twitter.

Charles Rae: Charles Rae is a writer, artist, and theorist. Rae focuses on power dynamics and social justice theory. She can be contacted on Facebook

John Carico: Journalist specializing in interviewing radical activists. Can be contacted via Facebook.

Carey Wedler: Carey is a vlogger, journalist, and pundit. Her work can be found all over the web. She can be contacted via Facebook and Twitter.

David Slater: Independent writer/blogger and journalist. You can find his articles at The Pontiac Tribune and The Fifth Column.

James Job: Free thinker, Anti-Establishmentarian, and I write when I’m not drudging, skateboarding, or trolling. Can be contacted on Facebook or Twitter.

Eric Scott Pickard: Poet, journalist, and activist. He is a co-founder of Free Radical Media and hosts the Free Radical Media podcast.

Jim Carey: Journalist and activist. His work can be found on Pontiac Tribune and he also co-hosts the Common Ground Radio podcast. Can be contacted via Facebook.

Bryan Lee: Aspiring international development expert and a columnist, focusing on politics and international affairs. His work can be found on The Fifth Column. Can be contacted via Twitter.

Top Financial Supporters:

Nate Grimn
Brandon MacMurtie
Josh Rosaia

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