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The Destruction of Yugoslavia: A Template for America’s Future Policy

The prospects of a Hillary Clinton presidency bring back to the memories of the peoples of the Balkans the era of the 1990s, when Bill Clinton, NATO, and the forces of globalism brought about the collapse of Yugoslavia and a surge in nationalism in the Balkans not seen since World War II. The planned US destruction of Yugoslavia is spelled out in an October 31, 1988, US National Intelligence Council memorandum titled «‘Sense of Community’ Report on Yugoslavia». Written by Marten van Heuven, the National Intelligence Officer for Europe, the formerly classified Secret memo conveyed the opinion of the US Intelligence Community that it was doubtful that Yugoslavia would survive from its form in 1988. Van Heuven was a product of the RAND Corporation, the Pentagon think tank that developed countless scenarios for nuclear war, including thermonuclear mega-deaths on a global scale.

As the Cold War began to conclude, van Heuven and his American supremacy colleagues, including the later US «viceroy» for Iraq, Paul «Jerry» Bremer, and various US military commanders within NATO, began to sharpen their knives for the dismemberment of Yugoslavia.