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Russia’s Youngster Uprising

Russia (GV) – Every time Russia’s political opposition manages to hold its act together long enough to stage mass demonstrations, the nation’s pundits and activists announce to their compatriots that they’ve “woken up in a new country.” The thirst for an…

South Africa: Little Progress for Youth With Disabilities

Government Should Keep Promise to Open School Doors

South Africa has made little progress in addressing the discrimination and exclusion faced by children with disabilities when accessing schools, Human Rights Watch and Section 27 said today. South Africa’s national government needs to take urgent action to demonstrate its commitment to inclusive education.

Section 27, a leading South African public interest law center, conducted new research demonstrating widespread and severe violations of the rights of children with disabilities, including the ongoing discrimination and the lack of concrete action to address areas of high exclusion in the Umkhanyakude District of KwaZulu-Natal. Based on interviews with 100 caregivers of children with disabilities and visits to 14 special and full-service schools, it described the situation there as a “dual racial and disability apartheid in South Africa’s education system.”

DNC Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Leaks Show Alcohol Lobby Pushed Against Cannabis

The cryptic hacker Guccifer 2.0 continues to pour forth a diverse stream of ever evolving democratic party leaks. After revealing the party’s favoring of Hillary Clinton, emails now disclose messages from the alcohol lobby. Give you one guess what about–opposition to cannabis reform.

Mary Jane’s medical and recreational success in Colorado has opened up the airwaves to all sorts of debate. Even those pushing to peel the plant’s schedule 1 status away were curious if it could integrate into society. Driving laws came into immediate question, and how to detect and handle stoned drivers.