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Israel Releases Thousands of Documents on Yemenite Baby Scandal

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The Israeli government has released 200,000 documents as a searchable data base for the roughly 1,000 Yemenite families who claim their children went missing after immigrating to the newly formed state of Israel decades ago.

The documents were not intended to be released until 2031, but in light of the recent UN resolution to halt Israeli settlements, the documents were likely released today for PR reasons.

Yemenite families who immigrated to Israel shortly after its formation found themselves in in-take camps with poor sanitation conditions. As a result many children became ill or were hospitalized. For about a thousand of those families, they were told their child had died. But the families say they never received any paperwork, cause of death, and were never allowed to see or bury the body. Many families believed their children had been given up for adoption to elite Ashkenazi couples.