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Mirroring around Turkish Censorship

(GVO) – It has been more than one month since Turkey blocked Wikipedia, the popular crowdsourced encyclopedia. With each day, it is becoming more apparent just how vital a role the platform plays in helping users find and share reliable information online. Students, reporters and TV series…

Forward the Commons! A unifying political vision for Europe

The idea of the commons offers the possibility to fundamentally change something without a revolution. This is what we will put forward at the European Commons Assembly in Brussels, November 15-17.

From November 15 to 17 the European Commons Assembly will meet in Brussels. It will be the first meeting of a dynamic coalition that has come together over the space of just a few months since its incipient meeting in Paris.

The assembly of ‘commoners’: of citizen initiatives, of activists and social innovators will be hosted in the European Parliament by the multi party Intergroup on Common Goods & Public Services chaired by the Portuguese MEP, Marisa Mattias.