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‘The Richest Political Party in Europe’ Gets Its Wealth From Corruption, According to Macedonian Journalists

Macedonia (GV) – Investigative journalists in Macedonia say the country’s ruling party VMRO-DPMNE owns properties that by law it shouldn’t, and that party officials in government positions have abused their power to benefit the party. The Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP earlier revealed that Macedonia’s main ruling…

Hundreds of Chinese Schoolchildren Have Been Poisoned, But Their Affluent Families Aren’t Winning Them Much Sympathy

There’s a public safety crisis in Changzhou, where hundreds of schoolchildren fell ill after exposure to toxic compounds. Unfortunately for the ailing kids, the public response has been largely unsympathetic, thanks in part to the affluence of the students’ families and their parents’ attempts to treat the incident like an “internal matter”.

The alarm of toxic land ran off after hundreds of school kids fell ill after exposing to toxic compounds in Changzhou. Yet, amid the public safety crisis, the public are not sympathetic to the victims as the elitist parents considered the incident an “internal business” rather than a public incident.