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Russia’s Youngster Uprising

Russia (GV) – Every time Russia’s political opposition manages to hold its act together long enough to stage mass demonstrations, the nation’s pundits and activists announce to their compatriots that they’ve “woken up in a new country.” The thirst for an…

Make Russia great again? Aleppo and a plea from another world

During the last days of December, Russia will host a round of diplomatic talks with Iran and Turkey.

A hundred years ago, Ernst Jünger described a peculiar encounter with a frightened British officer in his account of trench warfare, Storm of Steel: “he reached into his pocket, not to pull out a weapon, but a photograph (…). I saw him on it, surrounded by numerous family (…). It was a plea from another world.” According to conventional wisdom, “war is hell,” as famously sentenced by General Sherman. Hence Jünger’s depiction of the scene as something from another planet. And that is how the world today, more concerned with the holidays and the latest Hollywood blockbuster, is receiving the dire plea for help by multiple civilians caught in the crossfire of the battle for Aleppo. We simply content ourselves with the thought that civilians will always suffer in times of war, for war is hell. Or is it?

A few days ago, the soon to be replaced Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, gave his last press conference. Referring to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, he remarked ominously: “Aleppo is now a synonym for hell”. But surely the Secretary General did not intend merely to describe a regrettable fait accompli, as someone might depict a natural disaster. His closing official words carry a message for the world to actively engage in Aleppo, and particularly to make belligerents stop targeting civilians, for not everything is allowed in war after all. As Michael Walzer has pointed out in his decades-long effort to revive the Just War tradition, we strive to fight wars justly and to uphold rules even in the midst of hell.

Russia Promises Tajikistan “Large Quantity” of Military Aircraft

Russia has promised a “large quantity” of military aircraft to Tajikistan over the next year. The aid is part of a deal that the two countries signed in 2012, but which has taken on more urgency since Moscow began worrying about China’s military/diplomatic advances in Tajikistan.

The deal was announced on November 30 at a meeting of defense ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States in Moscow.

“Next year the key phase of our military-technical cooperation will begin, the delivery of weaponry and military equipment,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said after a meeting with his Tajikistan counterpart, Sherali Mirzo. “In particular, this is a large quantity of aviation equipment, airplanes and helicopters. I think this will be implemented according to plan and on schedule.”

Why Russia is NOT “Preparing for Nuclear War”

Over the past few weeks the alternative media has been on red alert accusing some of missing a major story concerning Russian preparations for “nuclear war.” Although this makes for a good headline; the usually anti-government media outlets are leaving out some critical analysis of how all governments operate.

While it is true that the Russian government did hold a “nuclear exercise” it is important to remember it was still orchestrated by a government.

It’s obvious that a lot of people who read alternative media have a soft spot for Vladimir Putin and sometimes he does things that seem to warrant feelings of trust. Whether you agree with Russia combatting American imperialism in Syria, Putin trashing western “GMO food” or the Russian state “banning the Rothschilds” it is important to remember that these moves by the Russian state are still propaganda pieces in the chess game of geopolitics.