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Venezuelans Switching to Use of Bitcoins for Payments, Necessity Purchases

The use of bitcoins instead of Venezuelan national currency, the bolivar, for work and trade purposes is growing due to economic problems and the soaring inflation rate, media reported on Friday.

The number of users has increased from 450 in August 2014 to more than 85,000 in November this year, according to the brokerage website Surbitcoin.com.

“Bitcoin is mainstream neither in Venezuela nor in the world but there is a growing interest in the technology… With Cryptobuyer, we convert bitcoins into bolivars and help Venezuelans pay for daily life necessities, such as mobile phones recharges, television, water and electricity bills as well as banks transfers in bolivars,” Jorge Farias, the CEO of cryptobuyer.io exchange platform, said, as cited by the Guardian.

There Are Many Organizations in Caracas Trying to Change Things for the Better

On the travel and lifestyle site Matador Network, journalist Adriana Herrera has gathered examples of the work that organizations in Caracas are doing to offer up some optimism in the midst of the economic and political crisis that is clouding the outlook of many Venezuelans.

Some organizations encourage residents to go out and participate in events around the city — a rather significant act in itself, given the high levels of crime in Caracas — while others find ways to awaken their artistic creativity. This is a clear illustration of how everyday actions, done collectively and with common goals, can provide a counterbalance to adversity.

Children Continue to Die from Malnutrition in Venezuela

he serious social, political and economic crisis in Venezuela has resulted in an increase of malnutrition cases in Venezuela, most of which involve children under 10 years old.

Various organizations have denounced this situation on several occasions on national and international stages.

The most recent is the case of Junior Joneido Gonzalez Rodriguez, 1 year old, who was dying in the state of Zulia in the neighborhood of Mariu Urdaneta. The website The Venezuelan News reported that doctors had diagnosed him with severe malnutrition, which lasted four months. His last days were spent with his mother Julia Rodriguez at the ranch where they lived, “as he wept from fever and had trouble breathing.”

Armed Gangs Are Taking Over Hospitals in Venezuela

Despite protection from state-appointed security officials, Caracas University Hospital (HUC) in Venezuela has reportedly been taken over by an armed gang.

At least 20 armed people have taken over an office on the ground floor of the hospital, as well as performing during as guards, orderlies, attendants and supervisors.

The group reportedly has total impunity, to the point that its members have been able to shoot patients and bystanders in full view of officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).

According to the report, the group has been responsible for threats on workers who ask for better working conditions.

Study: Over 15 Percent of Venezuelans Eat from the Trash

A new study adds to the mounting evidence that Venezuela just doesn’t have enough food to go around.

At least 15 percent of Venezuelans eat out of the trash, according to a study conducted by More Consulting between August 8 and 12.

The study revealed that Venezuelans manage to scrap enough together in various ways. Fifty-two percent have to resort to re-sellers, while more than 36 percent have to exchange food with relatives and friends. More than 45 percent get food at private supermarkets.

Tensions Are High after Venezuela Rebuffs Chile’s Request to Protect Jailed Journalist

Relations have grown tense between Chile and Venezuela following the imprisonment of journalist Braulio Jatar.

The administration of President Nicolás Maduro accused Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz of corruption and advocating for violence.

In a statement released by Venezuela’s Ministry of Foreign Relations, officials said Muñoz played a “sad role” in defending corruption and violence committed by the country’s opposition.

Vigilantism in Venezuela Finds a New Form of Punishment: Decapitation

Number of Beheadings and Lynchings Increases as Country Spirals Into Crisis

Two decapitated bodies were found in Miranda, Venezuela on Tuesday, September 6, with messages attached to them.
The bodies were found in the street of the Las Casitas community with the messages, “We take care of rapists” and “The horror film continues,” according to local press.

Venezuela: Armed Chavistas “Welcome” Opposition Leader at Airport

Opposition Blames President Maduro for Uprising and Violence on the Island

Armed crowds reportedly detained Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles for more than four hours at the airport on Venezuela’s Margarita Island this week.

Capriles, who travels every year to the island to commemorate the day of the Virgen del Valle, was detained by an armed group of government supporters that surrounded the airport to prevent him from leaving. At noon, the governor was finally able to get out.

With New Wage Increase, Venezuela Braces for Worsening Inflation, Layoffs

President Nicolás Maduro Raises Minimum Wage 50 Percent

Venezuela’s national minimum wage was raised 50 percent this week, but experts warned President Nicolás Maduro the increase could result in closures to small businesses.

During a national radio and television broadcast, the president said the minimum wage will be set at VEF $22,076 (US $2,218) monthly, while the food bonus will be VEF $42,480 (US $4,269).

Maduro has bragged in the past about the 14 increases in minimum wage made over the last three years, but fails to address that the country faces the highest inflation in the world.

Venezuela Food Shortages Claim Lives of Malnourished Children

Without Food, Children Are Dying from Malnutrition at Increasing Rate

When 18-month-old Royer Machado died from malnutrition in Zulia, Venezuela, the authorities did not arrest his mother.

The child had gone more than 72 hours without eating, but his mother lived in extreme poverty and couldn’t get the resources she needed; that was just the nature of Venezuela today.

Hugo Chávez Helped Iran Develop Nuclear Weapons, Brazilian Magazine Reports

A Brazilian magazine has accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of having helped Iran evade nuclear weapons sanctions put in place by the United Nations (UN).

The magazine Veja stated in its August 19 publication that the Chavez administration secretly helped sponsor Tehran with the production of raw material for nuclear weapons and rockets.

A document dated August 3, 2009 shows President Hugo Chavez’s signature approving financial help with an atomic bomb.