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This Uprising Needs Radicals Not Radical Critics

With the election of Donald Trump, cities across the country have seen days of constant protest. Some of these protests have been joined by militant leftists and anarchists but they’re going to need more if this new movement is going to become long term and radical.

Over the weekend several reporters with The Fifth Column Network went to witness the protests outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in downtown Manhattan. We assumed the that by the time we arrived, hours after the protests started, only the most radical core of the groups would still be left behind the police barricades.

Instead what we found were hardcore Democrats shouting slogans such as “Who Cares? Obamacare” and “Michelle 2020.” These protesters were still under the illusion that the Democratic Party had their best interest at heart and had taken this message right into the belly of the beast – the home of US imperialism and both Trump and Clinton’s real support base – the financial capital of the world.