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Alliances Inside the EU: Undermining Unity and Cohesion

The emergence of new alliances within the EU is a game changing issue that is kept out of public eye. But the process is gaining momentum to change the political landscape of Europe.

In a bid to forge an anti-austerity alliance, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has invited the leaders of six southern European Union countries to a conference in Athens on September 9. The event will include France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta. The forum is to focus on the «common» challenges the EU is facing on an economic, political and institutional level and particularly on austerity, fiscal discipline and migration. It should be noted that the meeting is arranged before a scheduled European Union leaders’ summit on September 16.

The idea of a united front of Southern European countries was first mooted by leftist SYRIZA before the general elections of January 2015 that brought it to power. The current situation is potentially more beneficial for Athens as the protracted imposition of austerity on Greece and elsewhere has increased the pressure on countries in Southern Europe.