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Bolivian Miners Take Policemen Hostage amid Protests against Forced Unionization

Clashes Between Police and Miners Leave Dozens Arrested, Wounded

Clashes between police and miners in Bolivia left dozens arrested and two wounded Wednesday, August 10, as well as several officers being taken hostage.

The miners said they wanted the government to retract imposed regulations on the operation of cooperatives requiring the creation of unions, as mining companies work with thousands of contract workers.

Police vs Teachers leaves 12 Dead, 100 injured: What’s really happening in Oaxaca?

The headlines are terrifying. The images are poignant. A battle in the street between teachers and cops has caught the world’s attention, but the story doesn’t begin there, nor is it likely to end there.

The protests that sprang up recently were triggered by a bizarre series of arrests made by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico’s President. The arrests targeted leaders of the teacher’s union. By most accounts, the charges are bogus or at least severely inflated. One of the union officials was arrested for stealing textbooks. Even in corruption prone Mexico, a black market for school textbooks has yet to show its face. Unsurprisingly, those arrested were also political opponents of Enrique Peña Nieto. The teacher’s union adamantly opposes the President’s reforms. The reforms are part of the President’s neoliberal campaign promises, and many in the union see them as a death blow to education in Mexico, particularly for the rural and indigenous communities. Some in the union are fearful of massive layoffs.