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Jordan/United States: Transfer 70,000 Trapped Syrians

Appalling Conditions, Little Food in Barren Border Area

The United States should help Jordan transfer an estimated 70,000 Syrians stuck in appalling conditions at its northeastern border to a safe location, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to President Barack Obama that was released today. The United States should also step up its efforts to resettle Syrians who are living in Jordan and other neighboring countries.
“It is critically important to help Jordan find a solution to move these highly vulnerable people to a safe place where they can be screened for security concerns and protection needs,” said Bill Frelick, refugee rights director at Human Rights Watch. “We are urging President Obama not only to help Jordan increase its capacity to provide asylum, but also to step up efforts to resettle the refugees in the US and to encourage other countries to do the same.”

Jordan: 70,000 Syrians Trapped at Border

Resume Food, Water, Medical Care for Asylum Seekers

Jordan should immediately allow humanitarian agencies to resume life-saving aid deliveries to 70,000 Syrians stuck in appalling conditions at its northeastern border. The authorities should also resume procedures allowing Syrians to leave the border area for refugee screening in Jordan.

Jordan suspended almost all aid to the 70,000 people, mostly children and women, on June 21, 2016. The action followed an attack by the extremist armed group Islamic State, also known as ISIS, on a nearby border post that killed seven Jordanian soldiers and wounded 13.