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How to support Standing Rock and confront what it means to live on stolen land

A month after President Obama told the Army Corps of Engineers to pause construction on the Dakota Access oil pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux and those supporting them still find themselves in a dire struggle to protect their water and land. With winter approaching, the 300 tribes that are now represented at the Camp of the Sacred Stone in North Dakota are preparing for a lengthy battle.

In their effort to protect water, life, ancestors and future generations, indigenous peoples are also demanding that corporations, the U.S. government, and settlers respect the treaties and indigenous self-determination. This is widening an existing dialogue and expanding ties of solidarity to include more of us who are of white European descent occupying indigenous land.

Tool targets fairness deficit in research

Partnership is an enduring buzzword in development. Just as enduring are efforts to put research institutions in developing countries on a level playing field when they pair up with counterparts in the developed world — on anything from being better able to negotiate contracts to controlling biological resources to having visibility on research papers.

In health research these efforts are now taking a step beyond lofty aspiration or scattered initiatives in the form of a Research Fairness Initiative (RFI): a voluntary reporting mechanism that’s gaining cautious but substantive support.