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Turkmenistan: Animal Rights Activist Detained

(HRW) – Police in Turkmenistan arbitrarily detained a prominent animal rights activist, Galina Kucherenko, on December 7, 2017, and are holding her at an undisclosed location, Human Rights Watch said today. Police also detained Kucherenko’s adult daughter, Valeria, but later…

‘The Turkmenator’: Turkmenistan’s President Plays Up His Gun and Knife Skills on State TV

(GV) – Turkmenistan’s president is at it again. Just few days after Global Voices highlighted Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s high-profile talents, which include singing and biking while his country falls into a deep financial crisis, a new video of the president started to circulate. This time, Berdimuhamedov is dressed in fatigues and showcasing…

Russian Beyond Russia

Kazakhstan (EAN) – Language is harmfully intertwined with politics these days in Eurasia. The swirling debates are raising questions about the boundaries of Russianness. President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s March 12 statement  that the Kazakh language would move from the Cyrillic to the…

Central Asia in 2016: The More Things Change…?

Despite occasional whiffs of volatility, Central Asia has remained remarkably resistant to real change, either the type that could see it deteriorate into a hotbed of violence and chaos as some have predicted, or the kind that might inch it in the direction of democratic rule and socio-economic wellbeing, which almost no-one suspects will happen.

Consequently, while a lot of things happened in the region this year, none of it will necessarily look meaningful when (or if) historians look back on Central Asia’s 2016 in 50 years time.