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Russia did not put 40 million people into shelters

There’s been word of Russia placing 40 million people into shelters to drill for nuclear war with the United States. This led to other rumors including imminent nuclear war between the two superpowers.

So did Russia really place 40 million people in shelters? No. The Russian government conducted an exercise that involved 40 million people. That means that 40 million people were somehow impacted. Emergency medical services conducted additional training, the military went on alert, citizens received a broadcast message, police conducted drills. If all of these people are added together, 40 million people were involved. Most of these people simply heard an emergency broadcast.

Muskego Wisconsin Cops Cleared After Poorly Planned Drug Sting Kills Innocent Man

Five months ago, 21 year old Christopher Davis was shot dead by police in Muskego, Wisconsin. Today, his family wrestles with the frustrating reality that Chris’s killer won’t be charged with a crime. Key details gleaned during federal investigations, however, bring that decision into sharp questioning.

During February of 2016, Christopher Davis accompanied friends driving from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Muskego. Driver Jose Lara told investigators they’d gone to inspect a car for purchase. At the time of the shooting Davis’ cousin, a US Army private, stated this as well. Being uncomfortable with freeway driving, Davis allowed Lara to drive his car. Davis and Lara were accompanied by a third individual, Roberto Juarez Nieves, MJS reports. Nieves’ name, however, was redacted in the investigative report.