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Was the Anti-Globalist Movement Infiltrated by Provocateurs?

Subsequent to the United Kingdom’s «Brexit» referendum, which saw 51.9 percent of voters in the United Kingdom opt to leave the European Union, political forces around the world were encouraged that the forces of anti-globalism had achieved a substantial victory. The Brexit success was followed a month later by the U.S. Republican Party’s nomination of anti-globalist businessman Donald Trump as the traditionally pro-free trade party’s presidential candidate. UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage traveled to the Republican convention in Cleveland to forge an anti-global common front with Trump.

In just two months, a series of embarrassing revelations about Trump’s past as a philandering television celebrity and UKIP internal political upheavals, left the two most potent anti-globalist forces in the world – the Trump presidential campaign and UKIP – in shambles. The rapid decline of both political movements led to a belief by many political observers that outside influences, led by professional «agents provocateurs» employed by globalist powerbrokers, caused the fracturing of the Trump and Farage movements.

Why Cuban-Americans Are Voting Differently this Presidential Election

Historically, the Cuban-American community has been considered a political monolith, voting mostly in support of the Republican Party, at least at the national level. To the extent that this has been true, it has been most applicable to the early exile community we now call the historicos.

The origins of this early exile support for the Republican Party can be reasonably traced to U.S. foreign policy, and to President Eisenhower’s robust anti-communist posture. Eisenhower and his Republican Party’s anti-Castro stance were followed by the cannibalization of the Bay of Pigs invasion plans under the Democratic leadership of President Kennedy and the resulting failure of the invasion.

Mexico’s Finance Minister Resigns over Trump Visit

Former Head of Foreign Affairs Felipe Calderon Videgaray to Take His Place

Luis Videgaray Caso has resigned from Mexico’s Office of Finance and Public Credit, a spokesman announced Wednesday, September 7.

Caso will reportedly be replaced by Jose Antonio Meade, who served as Secretary of Social Development (SEDESOL).

The change was confirmed by President Enrique Peña Nieto in a message to the media from the official residence of Los Piños, where Meade was officially appointed as the new head of the SHCP.

The Sacrifice Muslim Soldier Khan Shouldn’t Have Had To Make

Clinton’s rhetoric on the Muslim world might be friendlier than Trump’s, but her record is much bloodier.

It was impossible not to be moved as Khizr and Ghazala Khan, two Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, stood before the Democratic National Convention and mourned their son Humayan, a U.S. soldier who’d been killed in Iraq.

Humayan, his grieving father recalled, was “the best of America.” Yet if it were up to Donald Trump, Khan said, the slain soldier “never would have been in America.” It was a compelling rebuke to the GOP nominee’s unrepentant calls to banish Muslims and immigrants alike.

Meet the Workers Already Left Behind by Donald Trump’s Management Failures

This week, as most of the media’s attention was focused on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, there was a lot of talk about how bad Donald Trump would be for the people of the United States. Among all that talk though there was no mention of the damage he has already done to a whole region of people who depended on some of his businesses for their livelihood.

Donald Trump’s failed casino ventures in Atlantic City have been mentioned a few times by his opponents on the campaign trail, but only as political points in the tit for tat campaign style we are all so used to. What was never discussed was the effect his failures are still having on the former east coast gambling mecca, now a city that has fallen on hard times as new casinos have popped up across the country.

FBI Issues Gag-Order To Agents Following Clinton Email Decision

The FBI’s decision to not indict Hillary Clinton has been largely overshadowed by ongoing police killings and reputed retaliation. If it were getting appropriate media attention, then perhaps more of us would’ve heard of an unusual feature of the Clinton case. FBI investigators were ordered to sign irregular non-disclosure agreements forcing them into silence, unless called to testify. The latter, of course, isn’t happening, much to public and FBI suspicion alike.

Anonymous FBI officials who commented on the agreements felt they resulted from an “inside deal.” “This is very, very unusual”, said one unnamed official, claiming to never have signed or distributed one before. Some even felt the so-called “deal” may have had something to do with Loretta Lynch’s controversial meeting with Bill Clinton. No, this isn’t the talk of conspiracy theorists. According to Free Thought Project, a massive delay in a batch of Clinton emails came just days following the meeting. The specific form agents signed, New York Post reports, is dubbed a “Case Briefing Acknowledgement”.

Ayatollah Khomeini Died 27 Years Ago, But a Trump Advisor Still Wants Him to Condemn Last Week’s Attack in Nice

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has always advocated “getting tough on Iran,” but the rhetoric escalated ever so slightly last week, when retired Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, one of Trump’s chief military advisors and a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, demanded that Ayatollah Khomeini—a man who’s been dead for more than a quarter of a century—condemn the attack on July 14 in Nice, France.

Wall Street Journal Increases Support for Libertarian Party as Trump Slides

Major Newspaper Recognizing Libertarian Campaign Is a Positive Sign, Some Say

The Wall Street Journal released a series of pieces this week in support of Libertarian presidential candidate and former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, who has been growing in popularity of late.

Gary Johnson and his running-mate William Weld are presented in a May 30th WSJ opinion piece titled “The Libertarian Alternative” as sound options for disenchanted and disgruntled Republicans who disapprove of Trump’s ways and cannot bring themselves to vote for Hilary Clinton. Additionally, Johnson is presented as a safer alternative for democrats who dislike Clinton and can see eye-to-eye with the basic policies of the Johnson-Weld campaign.

The No-Fly List: Who is Really Barred from Commercial Air Travel?

In a move that surprised Democrats and Republicans alike, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday, “I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no-fly list, to buy guns.”

Trump has been one of the main opponents of stronger gun control laws throughout his campaign, and his tweet has rekindled discussions around the dubious and often arbitrary terror watchlist and the secretive no-fly list.

Federal guidelines for watchlisting allow the government to quietly place people on watch lists without “concrete facts,” “irrefutable evidence,” or demonstrable ties to terror groups.

ISIS Must Love Trump

As the sun set over New York on June 12, hundreds of Muslims gathered in Hudson River Park to break their Ramadan fast together.

Iftar, the evening Ramadan meal, is often a joyous celebration of faith and family. But the mood that Sunday was solemn: That morning, news had broken of the ghastly massacre of LGBTQ revelers at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

A lone Muslim had allegedly perpetrated the attack. Here by the Hudson, over 200 knelt in prayer.

“We’re praying for those who were lost,” one woman explained in a video circulated by the Huffington Post, her voice breaking. “As Muslims, we’re united in our outrage over this senseless act of violence.”

Trump Bigotry: A Catalyst for GOP Abandonment

David Johnson becomes the first elected Republican in the nation to abandon the Grand Old Party due to Donald Trump.

Senator David Johnson of Ocheyedan, Iowa has suspended his membership to the Republican party in protest. Recent comments made by the presumptive GOP nominee towards a Judge overseeing three class action lawsuits involving fraud allegations. This, Trump’s latest of over 3,500 lawsuits that cover the span of 3 decades. the aforementioned comments were made in multiple interviews soon after the judge made defining decisions in regards to the lawsuits and Trump University.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel, presiding over the litigation involving Trump University, is an Indiana native and the son of Mexican immigrants. Ingressing in Arizona as a laborer in the 1920s, Curiel’s father, Salvador, eventually obtained citizenship and became a steelworker. Salvador married Curiel’s mother, Francisca, in Mexico in 1946. She became a citizen after joining her husband in the United States. I’ll note that Donald Trump’s mother didn’t come to the America until the 1930s, and she became a citizen just as Curiel’s mother did, by marrying a man who was an American citizen, which makes his bigotry even more unwarranted.

Populism – The Eternal Ideology

Populism – once associated mainly with Latin America – is now part of the political mainstream in western and eastern Europe. What’s behind this surge?

Populism is becoming global. While in past decades populist forces were only associated with Latin America, from at the least 1990s onwards populist leaders have been gaining ground in both eastern and western Europe.

While it is true that populism still wins executive power in Europe only rarely, populist parties have been established at the parliamentary level throughout this region.

In fact, practically every country in the Old World has at least one populist force from the radical right, such as the National Front in France or the Law and Justice Party in Poland. All of these parties strongly oppose immigration, refugees, and multiculturalism. In turn, new populist forces of the left have recently gained strength on the European continent, with parties such as Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece demanding an end to fiscal austerity and greater regulation of financial institutions.

Trump’s Economic Plan: Higher Taxes, Higher Inflation, and Higher Minimum Wage

It was only days after Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination that the mask (such as it was) came off. Suddenly he was telling multiple interviewers that he could be talked into raising taxes, boosting the minimum wage, and printing enough money to pay the national debt in cheap dollars.

“On my plan [taxes are] going down. But by the time it’s negotiated, they’ll go up,” Trump said. “In my opinion, the taxes for the rich will go up somewhat.”

As for the minimum wage, he talks like Obama, completely uninterested in market forces, as if what people are paid is purely at the discretion of political managers: “I think people have to get more… I don’t know how you live on $7.25 an hour.”

This Election Season Must Remain Non-Violent

With both Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the race, Donald Trump has become the Republican candidate for the general election. This nightmare scenario has set the stage for a turbulent general election season. This development, which has raised the specter of a dysfunctional future in which fascism rules America, has left many people in the US scared and angry. This has driven many people who oppose Trump to violently lash out, most recently at protests in Costa Mesa and Burlingame in California. This, however, is very short sighted and will only divide the country further.

I have previously written about how the use of violence in the name of anti-fascism will inevitably be used by Donald Trump to discredit his enemies. Despite this, anti-fascist protesters have continued to use violence to express their displeasure about Trump’s vitriolic ideology. They often justify this by arguing that anti-fascists and the United States as a whole will lose their credibility if people don’t make a vocal stand against Trump. In addition, they would argue that the public’s failure to react to Trump would amount to appeasement to fascism, which is comparable to how the Weimar Republic reacted to Hitler in the 1930s.