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For the sake of the tiger

Bangladesh (NI) – Prioritizing animal conservation over human life is having repercussions for locals in the Sundarbans. From Kolkata to the bustling market town of Canning: an hour-long train journey in the women’s carriage. It is so cramped that no…

Asian infrastructure boom could be end of the road for tigers

With massive infrastructure plans threatening all tiger landscapes and risking recent gains in tiger conservation, Asian governments must adopt a sustainable approach to infrastructure planning and construction or drive tigers toward extinction, according to a new analysis by WWF.

Released at the halfway point of an ambitious global effort to double the number of wild tigers between 2010 and 2022, The Road Ahead: Protecting Tigers from Asia’s Infrastructure Development Boom highlights the unprecedented threat posed by a vast network of planned infrastructure across the continent.

What happens when the needs of endangered tigers and endangered people collide?

As government works to save big cats from extinction, indigenous forest dwellers pursue peaceful coexistence for man and beast

The wild hillocks and the forests of Central India are a world of their own. Nestled on lush green foothills are intermittent clusters of villages, little touched by modern civilization. They are the ancestral home of an ancient indigenous tribe, the Baiga, which has had a symbiotic relationship with these jungles and their biodiversity, preserving them with their knowledge for generations.

These forests are also a part of the Central Indian Landscape, which hosts nearly 40 percent of India’s big cats.