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Chavista “Collectives:” How 21st Century Brown Shirts Oppress Venezuelans

Armed Thugs who Commit Crimes with Government’s Consent Are the Last Support of Venezuela’s Failed Socialist Revolution

As Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis worsens and protests against the government increase, the violent “collectives,” the Chavista regime’s “shock troops,” have become infamous for their attacks against opposition politicians, journalists, and citizens.

On Thursday, June 9, Julio Borges, the leader of the largest opposition party in the National Assembly, was brutally assaulted while protesting peacefully in front of the National Electoral Council (CNE). Borges himself accused the Chavista collectives of carrying out the attack.

VIDEO: Thugs attack brothel, strip workers naked and parade them through the street

READER DISCRETION: In the midnight hours between May 17 and 18, a group of men led by the former kickboxer Viacheslav Datsik forced their way into a brothel in St. Petersburg, smashing a hole in the front door. They then rounded up the women (and one man) they found inside the building (about 11 people, altogether), before shoving them outside and making them march through the streets, completely nude, to a local police station.

When the group arrived at the station, all the officers on duty reportedly stopped what they were doing, hurrying to find clothes for the women and make sense of what was happening. Datsik quietly filed a formal report and slipped out. He and his accomplices then attempted another attack on a second establishment, that same night.

Asked why his men forced their prisoners to walk the streets naked, Datsik sarcastically told the news website Fontanka, “The country should know its heroes.”

According to Fontanka, Datsik even forced his hostages to listen to a lecture about the ills of “paid love,” while ordering them to remove their clothes.