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Assad: ‘West Is Telling Russia We Went Too Far in Defeating Terrorists’


In an interview with RT, the Syrian President warned against taking statements by western governments at face value, as in Aleppo, they seemed to care more about saving terrorists than civilians. He also slammed the lackluster reaction to Daesh’s onslaught on Palmyra.

President Bashar Assad sat down for an interview with RT’s Maria Finoshina as the war in Syria has hit a new critical point with the Syrian Army’s liberation of Aleppo and Daesh’s return to Palmyra. Here’s a fragment of the interview, which is to be exclusively aired on RT on Wednesday.

Syrian Army Secures Road to Aleppo: Report

The Syrian army secured a road into the government-held side of Aleppo that was captured by Takfiri terrorists last month and was expected to open it soon for civilians, state-owned al-Ikhbariya TV reported.

The advance by the Syrian army and allied forces in the Ramousah area of southern Aleppo has reopened the main route into the government-held west while resulting in the complete re-encirclement of the city’s militant-held east.