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Inside Russia’s new Gulag


My husband was humiliated, beaten and tortured in Russia’s penitentiary system. Here are the stories that I’ve collected from his prison.

One year ago, Ildar Dadin, a well-known Moscow activist (and my husband), was sent to prison: the court sentenced him to three years for carrying out solitary pickets. After a lengthy imprisonment in a Moscow investigation prison, Ildar was transferred to a prison colony — and disappeared. His family wasn’t told where he’d been sent. A month and a half later, Ildar was found in Karelia, in Prison Colony No.7 in the town of Segezha, where he told his lawyer how prison officers were torturing and beating prisoners. This story caused a scandal both in Russia and abroad.

When you talk about torture in Russia, the hardest thing is explaining why it’s so hard to deal with. For instance, someone asked me today: “Nastya, if the prisoners in Karelia Colony No.7 have been tortured for several years now, why haven’t they complained?” My response that letters from prison rarely make it to their intended recipients, and that the state prosecutor is a good friend of the colony director (the head sadist), meets with an iron logic: “But they should…”

A Momentous Decision About Ukraine: The Suicide of the IMF

The International Monetary Fund was perched on a precarious branch that has now been cut down out from under them. The IMF Executive Board met in Washington on the evening of Sept. 14. The biggest issue on their agenda was whether to approve a $1 billion loan disbursement to Ukraine. And they did. Except for the director representing Russia on that board, who voted against the payout.

This was no ordinary event, but one that will have an impact, first and foremost, on the fate of the International Monetary Fund.

Suicide on the Rise in Venezuela as Desperation Grows

Suicide Is One Option Venezuelans Are Taking to Escape Severe Crisis

Before committing suicide, Ana Maria Perdomo sat down in her kitchen to write a letter to her family.

“Children…Don’t be upset, even though I know it is difficult, don’t be sad. It is too difficult and I don’t want to be a burden to anyone, I know I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and it’s better to end this now.”

Mother of Augusto, 45, and Angela, 32, and grandmother to three girls of 4, 9, and 17, Perdomo, 61, hung herself on February 18 to avoid having to suffer the disease in Venezuela, a country that could have never supported her medically.

What Can China Do to Stop the ‘Epidemic’ of Suicides Among Government Officials?

A wave of suicides among government officials has claimed two more lives. In June 12, two officials from Guangdong province died by suicide. Liu Xiaohua, deputy secretary general of Guangdong government, hanged himself in his apartment, and Head of Confidential Secretary Xiao Bibo from Shenzhen Yantian District jumped off a bridge.

More than 80 Chinese government officials have died by suicide or died an “unnatural death” since 2014, and many of them were under investigation for corruption when they ended their lives. The situation has been so grave that some media outlets described it as suicide “epidemic”.

State-affiliated media have reported that these government officials who have ended their lives have done so because of work pressure or depression. However, the spike in suicides seems correlated with the Chinese government’s ongoing anti-graft campaign, leading many Chinese to believe the officials were attempting to end any investigations against them by killing themselves. Instead of public sympathy, their deaths are often viewed as the ultimate cover-up of corruption.