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How Compulsive Privacy Has Lead to Atrocious Oppression

As humans we’ve become indoctrinated to keep our desires private. The obsession with privacy has induced a hysteria wherein we spread war like fever and ascend authority onto a pedestal from which we worship it. This practice has become the norm of civilized social and political structures. The following is a breakdown of the problem.

Civil Religion: The American Way of Life

The most observed religion in America isn’t Christianity, it’s patriotism.

America is widely regarded as a Christian nation with over 70% of the populace belonging to one of many different sects of Christianity. From a sociological stand point though, nationalism is by far the dominant religion in this country today. Though simply being prideful about one’s nation isn’t typically seen as a religious practice, by definition religion is a specific fundamentalist set of beliefs or practices that are generally agreed upon by a number of persons.

Civil religion is the nonsectarian quasi-religious faith of a nation, often times incorporating ritual expressions of patriotism. Many times this civil religion has been granted merit by leaders within a society, often with religious references relating to patriotic holidays. As in “God bless all who served on this Memorial Day”. Though not officially recognized as a formal creed, patriotism has long played an integral role throughout the history of these here United States. Repeatedly being used as a tool for uniting citizens in favor of a particular cause whilst simultaneously forbearing nonconformist ideas. It has existed alongside standard religion, yet remained individualized while still at times, subtly integrating certain Christian ideals.