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Ultracool Dwarf and the Seven Planets

(ESO) – Temperate Earth-sized Worlds Found in Extraordinarily Rich Planetary System, Astronomers have found a system of seven Earth-sized planets just 40 light-years away. Using ground and space telescopes, including ESO’s Very Large Telescope, the planets were all detected as they…

Hidden Secrets of Orion’s Clouds

VISTA survey gives most detailed view of Orion A molecular cloud in the near-infrared

The new image from the VISION survey (VIenna Survey In Orion) is a montage of images taken in the near-infrared part of the spectrum [1] by the VISTA survey telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile. It covers the whole of the Orion A molecular cloud, one of the two giant molecular clouds in the Orion molecular cloud complex (OMC). Orion A extends for approximately eight degrees to the south of the familiar part of Orion known as the sword [2].

VISTA is the world’s largest dedicated survey telescope, and has a large field of view imaged with very sensitive infrared detectors, characteristics that made it ideal for obtaining the deep, high-quality infrared images required by this ambitious survey.

Broadband to the Wilderness: SpaceX to Provide Global Gigabit Speed Internet

SpaceX has announced plans to launch over four thousand satellites into low-Earth orbit to provide the world with super-fast internet, according to a recent regulatory filing.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk’s SpaceX company outlined plans to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to create global broadband network by launching 4,425 satellites into space. The first deployment will entail 800 satellites, intended only for connectivity in the US. The global remainder will be launched at a later date. Currently, some 1,400 satellites orbit the Earth, in varying stages of usefulness and repair.

Why We Must Explore the Final Frontier: An Interview with Alan Stern

Every species has a special trait, an evolutionary advantage that allows them to survive and thrive…to keep ahead of the predators and on top of the prey. Our special trait should really come as no great surprise: It’s the human brain.

More specifically, it is our ability to explore and discover, to seek out new information and then communicate what we learn to others of our kind who can build upon (and improve) it. Ultimately, there are few who understand the importance of this knowledge and exploration better than Alan Stern.

After all, Stern is a man who (quite literally) took humanity to new worlds.

Texas Lawmaker Warns of Outer Space Death Pulse

Austin, Don’t say Bob Hall didn’t warn you.

An existential threat hangs over America, the Republican Texas state senator from Edgewood believes. Specifically, electromagnetic pulse attacks — shockwaves of energy from outer space that would fry the nation’s electric grid. He sees food and water shortages starving and parching millions, natural gas line explosions engulfing cityscape in flames. And he wants Texas to be the frontline in preparing for it.