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Interview with Sole pt. 1

James Timothy “Tim” Holland Jr. (born September 25, 1977), better known by his stage name Sole, is an American underground hip hop artist from Portland, Maine. (-from Wikipedia)

1. I believe I read where you’ve stated that you really started paying attention to politics in 2001, after you were in new York during the events of 9/11. How have your views progressed since the beginning of your career?

After 9-11 I became obsessed with trying to figure all this out, but truth be told I was initially radicalized by Public Enemy, Malcom X, Boogie Down Productions and the Black Panthers in my teens, but that influence in my music was always very subtle, as I opted more for an existentialist / experimental approach to my art… After 9-11 that just felt stupid, I wanted to become a scholar of why things are the way they are and how to change shit. Once I really delved into the works of people like Marx, Goldman, Zinn, Chomsky, Debord, etc. those ideas made more sense then what I had been exposed to through the popular culture & public education. The most formative years for me were when I moved to Spain in 2004 for 2 years then I spent another 5 years in Northern Arizona, essentially in exile studying radical philosophy. Then I moved to Denver and got involved in the struggles happening there. Once I got in the streets and began actually engaging in anarchist struggles, as opposed to reading about them the power of the ideas really become evident, they were no longer in books, they were immediately practical. Anarchist ideas and practice are best suited to our times and the dilemmas we face, the only way out of our current crisis is to begin building the world we want now, not writing about it, not panning over the writings of dead white men, but to begin to think and act in new ways to engage the world & people around us. We don’t have to wait for a dramatic revolution, we can begin building our own infrastructures and practices now, there already is a revolutionary process happening all over the world, the question is will we be participants or spectators?