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Tradecraft: How spies are made

(TFC) – Espionage is a game as old as recorded history. It’s played by governments, corporations, paramilitary organizations, individuals, and even religious entities. But what does the process of creating a spy look like? How does it really work? It’s…

Trump’s Wall from the Smuggler’s View

(TFC) – As the discussion over Trump’s wall heats back up, it seems as though every possible angle has been covered by the media. The Fifth Column chose to look at the wall through the eyes that ultimately will be the deciding…

8 Things You Need to Know About The Wall

(TFC) – It’s expected to happen today: The President of the United States will order the construction of a 2000-mile long wall stretching across the nation’s southern border. While exact specifications of the wall are unknown, what is known is the…

Walling Them Out, or Walling Us In?

Evading security cameras in the remote expanse along the U.S. border, three Guatemalans waited till dusk to slip illicitly into our country.

This is the stuff of Donald Trump nightmares — and if he were to witness such a scene, we can only imagine the furious rants that would follow.

But Trump will never see this scene or even know about it, because he’s facing south, fulminating against Mexicans and assuring his faithful followers that he’ll stop illegal entry into the U.S. by building a “beautiful, impenetrable wall” across our 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

Danes revive heroic WWII-era practice of smuggling refugees to safety

About 100 Danes, young and old, stood outside Copenhagen City Court in the chilly seaside winds last Tuesday to show their solidarity with four activists alleged to have illegally assisted refugees in their trek across the waters from Denmark to Sweden.

While only two of the accused are Danish citizens, all are members of MedMenneskeSmuglerne, or “Those who smuggle thy neighbor” — an outgrowth of the more broad-based initiative Welcome to Denmark, which welcomes migrants and refugees into the country.

A Brief History of North Korea’s Covert Drug Trafficking

The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK) regime is suspected of having produced and trafficked vast amounts of illicit drugs for decades, to the detriment of its population.

The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea claims that the DPRK regime has been ordering the production of illicit drugs since the 1970s. Although initial quantities were estimated to be relatively low, the country’s former supreme leader, Kim Jong-Il, is alleged to have initiated the country’s illicit drug-producing boom in 1998.

According to a defected government official, Kim ordered all collective farms to allocate space for the cultivation of opium poppies. Opium produced was then “sent to the pharmaceutical plants” where it was “processed and refined into heroin […] under the direct control and strict supervision of the Central Government”.