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American men have half the sperm they used to

(JR) – For several decades, researchers have warned that modern lifestyles may be killing off sperm. Specifically, researchers have noted concern about the endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in many products — pesticides, sunblock, plastic water bottles, non-stick pans — that mimic sex hormones and confuse our…

‘Safe Schools’: Life-Saving Anti-Bullying Program or Radical Sexual Indoctrination? Australians Can’t Agree.

A petition calling for the Australian state government of New South Wales to abandon ‘Safe Schools’ — a program designed to promote acceptance and respect for gay, intersex and gender-diverse students, and implemented in over 500 schools across Australia — has reignited a long-running national debate over whether it is a crucial anti-bullying initiative, or simply a radical attempt at sexual indoctrination.

According to Safe Schools Coalition Australia, the federally-funded program provides free resources and support to school staff in order to foster safer and more inclusive school environments. However, certain aspects of Safe Schools, ­including encouraging young people to accept that gender is a fluid concept, has alarmed some parents.