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Israel Limits Palestinian Villages Water to “Two Hours a Week”

As the water shortage in Palestinian territory continues; new reports show the Palestinian people are getting less water than ever.

Israeli rationing of water is now essentially a summer tradition in Palestine but this year has been unprecedented. Currently, some territories in the West Bank are under such tight water rations that they have only been getting water “for one hour, twice a week.”

Wanted: Experts in Reducing Government

I’m spending a few days at the State Policy Network annual convention. It might sound boring, but it has actually been tremendously fascinating and intellectually exhilarating.

There are 1,300 people here, most of whom are associated with a think tank, research firm, consulting group, or lobbying team dedicated to holding back government expansion in every area of life. Nearly everyone here would identify themselves as some kind of libertarian. But it is not ideology on display here, but rather the nuts and bolts of policy effectiveness.