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Malaysians Can Have Their Cake and Eat It Too Inside McDonald’s — But Only If It’s Halal

The decision of the Malaysian office of fast food giant McDonald’s to ban non-halal cakes inside its premises has been criticized for allegedly promoting an intolerant and extreme version of Islam.

Malaysia has a predominantly Malay Muslim population, although the state advocates the unity of diverse races and ethnic groups.

Halal certification in Malaysia means that a food product has been endorsed by an accredited religious authority as meeting Islamic standards.

Serbian Government Backtracks on Russia-Inspired Anti-Abortion Council


Serbian government officials are claiming that uproar over alleged plans to establish a state body to persuade women to avoid abortions is all a misunderstanding.

Slavica Đukić Dejanović, a minister without portfolio responsible for demography and population policy, reportedly told pro-government tabloid Informer confirming that the state would “form a body that would raise awareness of all women about the harmful side effects of abortions.” Several other media outlets then picked up on the statement. According to news portal Alo.rs, the council would provide counseling on pregnancy and its termination, and “would include the civil sector, priests and various experts that would be able to help.”

How the Alt Right is trying to create a ‘safe space’ for racism on college campuses

A murmur began in May around Berkeley and the surrounding Bay Area as posters appeared overnight on the sides of buildings and wrapped on poles. Adorned with images of statues of antiquity, these classical images of European men depicted as gods were intended to light a spark of memory in the mostly white faces that passed by them. With lines like “Let’s become great again” printed on them, the posters were blatant in their calls for European “pride,” clearly connecting romanticized European empires of the past to the populism of Donald Trump today.

The posters were put up by Identity Europa, one of the lesser-known organizations amid that esoteric constellation of reactionary groups and figures known as the “Alt Right.” They were part of a campaign around the country enticing college-age white people to join a new kind of white nationalist movement. While similar posters emerged elsewhere on the West Coast and Midwest, in central California they pointed toward a public event — one directed specifically toward the tradition of free speech at the University of California at Berkeley.

Jordan: Prominent Writer Gunned Down at Court

The prominent Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar was murdered on September 25, 2016, as he entered an Amman court to stand trial for insulting religion.

Authorities arrested Hattar on August 13, after he posted an anti-ISIS cartoon to his Facebook page in which the cartoonist depicted God’s face. Following the posting, Prime Minister Hani al-Mulqi ordered Interior Minister Salama Hammad to investigate Hattar, leading the next day to his arrest. He was held in Marka Prison until September 8, then released on bail. Local media extensively reported on the case, though the authorities on August 14 issued a gag order on further reporting.

America Was Not Founded as a Christian Nation

A good place to start is by getting some things out of the way. Yes, some of the founding fathers were Christians. Yes, the word God is used in multiple colonial documents. Yes, there are a lot of Christian American citizens. There is no dispute to these facts. Now to move forward:

America has always been a stir fry of religion and culture. Each coming together and contributing to create a wonderful product. The idea of our country being a melting pot is not only incorrect, it is disgusting. Try throwing that stir fry into a blender and see how it comes out.

Civil Religion: The American Way of Life

The most observed religion in America isn’t Christianity, it’s patriotism.

America is widely regarded as a Christian nation with over 70% of the populace belonging to one of many different sects of Christianity. From a sociological stand point though, nationalism is by far the dominant religion in this country today. Though simply being prideful about one’s nation isn’t typically seen as a religious practice, by definition religion is a specific fundamentalist set of beliefs or practices that are generally agreed upon by a number of persons.

Civil religion is the nonsectarian quasi-religious faith of a nation, often times incorporating ritual expressions of patriotism. Many times this civil religion has been granted merit by leaders within a society, often with religious references relating to patriotic holidays. As in “God bless all who served on this Memorial Day”. Though not officially recognized as a formal creed, patriotism has long played an integral role throughout the history of these here United States. Repeatedly being used as a tool for uniting citizens in favor of a particular cause whilst simultaneously forbearing nonconformist ideas. It has existed alongside standard religion, yet remained individualized while still at times, subtly integrating certain Christian ideals.

Is Religion Really the Problem?

Los Angeles, CA (TFC)  – A few weeks ago, a columnist at The Fifth Column wrote an article that was highly critical of religious dogma and the societal problems that it has caused.  The columnist starts by claiming that religion…