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What Reports Of Drug Use Could Mean For US SpecOps

Washington DC, (TFC)— Overseas, Trump’s administration has conjured looming clouds of unease over US military operations. As tensions mount with Russia and North Korea, US Special Operations pepper earth with raids, airstrikes, and disappearances. Increases in the frequency and intensity…

Activists Gather in Washington in Protest at US Prisons’ Conditions

Dozens of civil rights activists, environmentalists, former inmates and families of prisoners converged in Washington, D.C. to voice support for political prisoners and raise awareness about the appalling conditions in US penitentiaries.

More than 120 people attended the gathering on Saturday to express support for political prisoners and speak out about environmental justice issues related to prisons across the US.

At the beginning of the meeting, Krith Lamar, a death row political inmate, spoke to the audience on the phone, talking about the horrific situation of prisons.

A number of former inmates also shared their experience of sentence years with the participants. One of them, who had served 25 years behind bars on political charges, explained how he lost an eye in prison because of drinking toxic water for years and suffering severe migraine during solitary confinement, while his critical health conditions had gone unheeded by the authorities.

What Did the London Anti-Corruption Summit Achieve?

What steps did the London Anti-Corruption Summit make towards eliminating corruption?

On 12 May 2016, David Cameron hosted the Anti-Corruption Summit in London. This summit aimed to bring together world leaders to discuss ways to expose corruption, punish those responsible, and to eliminate institutionalized practices that encourage corruption. I previously wrote an article explaining why this conference was unlikely to result in meaningful reform. So far, many civil society organizations have claimed that the Summit was underwhelming and did not go far enough. However, some positive steps were taken and as a result, I believe that it is worth exploring the end result of this Summit.

In the days before the Anti-Corruption Summit, tension started to brew as David Cameron was caught on camera stating that “Nigeria and Afghanistan are possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world.” This was expected to cause problems as the Nigerian and Afghani presidents were high profile invitees to the conference. Fortunately, this faux pas appeared to have been forgiven and the summit was able to proceed in a cooperative manner. At the Summit, several commitments and provisions were agreed to and published in a communiqué. Some of these provisions are as follows:

What We Learned From Wauwatosa PD’s Previously Unreleased Annual Reports

From 2004-2011, the Wauwatosa Police Department released yearly annual reports on its activities. The protocol wasn’t unusual, police normally provide some form of publicly available documentation. Of course, they don’t outline everything there is to know about a department, they’re simply transparent overviews.

In 2012, unlike other departments, Wauwatosa’s data never arrived to the city’s page. Around that time, the department cited challenges associated with a new report redaction policy it was forced to adopt. The policy, referenced in several Wauwatosa Now pieces, was enacted after a supreme court ruling on privacy rights.

A year later, Wauwatosa PD Captain Tim Sharpee said WPD was unable to do the redactions electronically. “So a clerk has to print out that report (and) redact all that information”, he said, alluding to the department’s lack of resources. In 2013, 10-13% of a department sworn for 94 officers left within a four month period. For a time, WPD claimed it lacked the manpower to process reports with the tedious methods available to them. It was assumed, but not entirely verified, that the annual’s were discontinued due to the same phenomenon that affected more regular reports.

Interview With John Paul Wright

John Carico: What got you involved in social justice and labor organizing? John Paul Wright: I got involved in social justice activism as a result of my mother going to college late in life. In my teens my mother went…

On a Progressive Iran: The Iranian Way, Not Washington’s

News from American and British newspapers concerning Iran’s elections depicts a fantasy liberalized Iran today. Reading the news, it’s as if the neocons are in some kind of tantric trance. Iran is fundamentally Iranian still; a different kind of democracy from the one Obama has beaten the world over the head with. So for those of you interested in a simplified Iranian election analysis, here’s a look at what really happened during last Friday’s elections.