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Guinea: 7 Years On, Justice for Massacre Needed

Guinea has yet to deliver justice for the grave crimes committed on September 28, 2009, at a Conakry stadium, six international and national human rights groups said today, in advance of the massacre’s seventh anniversary. That day, more than 150 peaceful protesters were massacred by security forces and more than 100 women were raped. Hundreds of injuries and widespread looting were also documented.

“How much longer will we have to wait for justice to be done?” said Asmaou Diallo, president of the Association of Victims, Parents, and Friends of September 28. “We recognize the progress made, but we anxiously await the day those responsible for the murder and rape of our loved ones will have their day in court.”

4 Reasons Protesters Block Roads

Whenever protesters choose to block a road familiar arguments surface. Won’t it alienate people? Why don’t they obstruct a police station, or parliament? Why make this a problem for everyday people? These arguments dominated comment threads after Black Lives Matter brought traffic to a halt near Heathrow airport in August, and they’re not meritless – people debate them every time a blockade is considered. Here are four reasons they decide to do it anyway: