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Guatemala: the forced exodus of young girls and women

Why do girls, adolescents and women migrate? Why would they leave their countries of origin and embark on the misadventure of an undocumented journey with the certainty that they will suffer on the way? And if they do make it, will they be able to survive and deal with the post-border hell? That’s if they reach their destination at all and avoid becoming one more statistic in the number of the disappeared and dead in a migration through no-man’s-land, without any authority searching for them and dignifying them by using their names and recognizing their identities.

This is a tragedy even if you only imagine it, but this is a reality, and Guatemala is forcing thousands of girls, adolescents and women to attempt to save their lives in another country. The United States appears to be the closest helping hand, but this is only a fantasy arising out of desperation. It is well known that the USA’s immigration policy disrespects the human and labour rights of undocumented persons. Abuse by smugglers, the Mexican authorities and the Border Patrol turns the journey into the worst of all hells for any human being. And the viciousness with which girls, adolescents and women are violated is appalling. Why does forced immigration and these abuses continue to be invisible and overlooked? What is the benefit for those governments involved?

Humanitarian ceasefire needed for Palmyra

Palmyra, Syria (Pressenza) – In a 15 May 2015 message to Madame Irina  Bokova, UNESCO Director General, the Association of World Citizens highlighted its Appeal for a humanitarian ceasefire in the area of Palmyra − a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity…