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FARC to Live in Special Areas Across Colombia Follow Disarmament

Negotiators Visited Rural Locations Where Demobilized Guerrilla Members Will Transition to Civilian Life

A charter flight took off from Havana, Cuba to Bogotá, Colombia this Monday, August 8, carrying 17 FARC guerillas who had taken part in the negotiations with the government.

They were on their way to visit, along with Colombian government officials and Norwegian arbiters, concentrated locations in which demobilized FARC members may live after the peace talks.

Additionally, United Nations officials reportedly negotiated overseeing the removal of weapons by FARC.

One Last Chance for Peace in Yemen

On the night of January 5, a squadron of F-15 fighter jets from the Royal Saudi Air Force carpet-bombed a neighborhood in the densely populated Yemeni capital of Sanaa. Following the assault, the Al-Noor Center for the Blind lay in ruins.

“People with disabilities are being struck in their residence,” fumed Abdullah Ahmed Banyan, a patient at the facility. “Can you imagine they are striking the blind? What is this criminality? Why? Is it the blind that are fighting the war?”

The local chamber of commerce, a wedding hall, and several residential areas were also targeted by the Saudi bombs that night.

Is anybody out there?

While the media obsesses over ISIS’ gory snuff videos, nonviolent Syrians are working to build a humane, plural society. It’s time the world paid attention, says Hania Mourtada. –