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Placing a Massacre of Cuban Civilians Into Context

One Instance Where the True Nature of the Cuban Government Was Exposed

In Cuba there are missing and it is known who has disappeared them, the latter are heroes for the government….There are more than 20 murdered children waiting to be claimed and mothers and grandmothers who were not allowed to look for them when they were killed off the coast of Havana.
~ Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, El Nuevo Herald, March 18, 2005*

Cuba is being subjected to a totalitarian dictatorship that for over half a century has erased and rewritten inconvenient chapters of its history. As was the case with the Soviet Union under Stalin, the scale of the crimes cannot be accurately measured during the life of the dictator. Occasionally, however, state security and the propaganda machinery, unable to cover up a particular crime, offer an insight into the regime’s underlying nature. The events of July 13, 1994, are one such instance.

Former Honduran President Zelaya to Supporters: “Ready Your AK-47s”

Deposed Seven Years Ago, Leftist Manuel Zelaya Seeks to Return to Power in 2017

Former president of Honduras and current congressman for the leftist Liberty and Refoundation Party (Libre), José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, struck controversy on June 30 when he called on his sympathizers “ready you AK-47s” to fight those who wish to push him out of 2017 presidential race.

According to Zelaya, who was ousted from the presidency seven years ago, “this country entered into a process of political dictatorship since the 2009 coup d’état. The government has kept denying the breakdown of constitutional order in Honduras ever since.”

Suicide on the Rise in Venezuela as Desperation Grows

Suicide Is One Option Venezuelans Are Taking to Escape Severe Crisis

Before committing suicide, Ana Maria Perdomo sat down in her kitchen to write a letter to her family.

“Children…Don’t be upset, even though I know it is difficult, don’t be sad. It is too difficult and I don’t want to be a burden to anyone, I know I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and it’s better to end this now.”

Mother of Augusto, 45, and Angela, 32, and grandmother to three girls of 4, 9, and 17, Perdomo, 61, hung herself on February 18 to avoid having to suffer the disease in Venezuela, a country that could have never supported her medically.

Why the FARC Peace Deal Won’t End Colombia’s War

The Drug Trade and the Illegal Economy Will Continue to Fuel Violence in Colombia

The announcement of a “historic” deal reached between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) caused euphoria as President Santos claimed it was the end to over 50 years of conflict. But it’s important to highlight four caveats.

Understanding the real scope and consequences of the peace process with FARC is particularly important because Colombians will have to vote in a referendum in order to approve the final deal.

Cuban Communists Seize “Counter-Revolutionary” Literature at Customs

Castro Regime’s “Openness” to the World Includes Censuring Non-Communist Ideas

Customs authorities have reportedly doubled efforts to fight drug trafficking and the smuggling of “counterrevolutionary” literature to the island.

Through May, customs agents captured six kilograms of cocaine, seven kilograms of marijuana and stopped a total of 41 attempts to smuggle narcotics. Thirty-one of these were for personal use and 10 looked to be for traffic.

The border agency also said it neutralized over 800 infractions in security lines, mentioning among the infractions the entry to the country of “literature with subversive content directed to counterrevolution”.

Wall Street Journal Increases Support for Libertarian Party as Trump Slides

Major Newspaper Recognizing Libertarian Campaign Is a Positive Sign, Some Say

The Wall Street Journal released a series of pieces this week in support of Libertarian presidential candidate and former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, who has been growing in popularity of late.

Gary Johnson and his running-mate William Weld are presented in a May 30th WSJ opinion piece titled “The Libertarian Alternative” as sound options for disenchanted and disgruntled Republicans who disapprove of Trump’s ways and cannot bring themselves to vote for Hilary Clinton. Additionally, Johnson is presented as a safer alternative for democrats who dislike Clinton and can see eye-to-eye with the basic policies of the Johnson-Weld campaign.

Rise in Starving Children Puts Strain on Venezuela’s Hospitals

Doctors Now Have to Steal Food From Hospitals to Feed Their Own Families

The increasing shortage of food and other basic products in Venezuela, on top of inflation, is now taking its toll on the health of the nation — most notably, on its malnourished children.

Children frequently arrive to the San Felipe Central Hospital after having fainted from malnourishment, officials told the PanAm Post, and are given medicine to take three times a day,

Mothers tell physicians they don’t have enough food in their homes, even after rationing.

“Children under five months of age come in here with diarrhea and when the parents are asked what the child has been eating, they say mostly rice cream because they can’t get milk,” one hospital worker said.

Cuba Struggles as Venezuela Oil Subsidies Dwindle

Blackouts on the Island Have Lasted Between Four and Eight Hours

Raúl Castro has decided to implement austerity measures in Cuba as the oil the Venezuelan government has been sending over the past years has decreased and is no longer sufficient to cover for public sector expenses.

According to news outlet Cubanet, island officials are trying to fight the fuel deficit by reducing consumption of oil and electricity by 20 percent, which means a partial paralyzing of production.

Colombian President Threatens Bloodshed if FARC Peace Deal Fails

Critics Claims Juan Manuel Santos Has Become Too Close with Guerrilla Leaders

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos announced on Thursday, June 16, that he possesses information confirming that FARC guerrilla members are preparing to renew hostilities should the ongoing peace talks with the government fail.

“How do I know we will be back to war? We have confirmed information that they’re prepared to go back to war, and specifically urban war, which is more demolishing than rural war. This is a reality, I know it, and this is why it’s so important that we reach an agreement,” the president warned Colombians.

Santos sent a call to the nation to unite forces to achieve the peace agreements.

Venezuelan Newspapers Attacked with Excrement Over Critical Reporting

Editors of Publications Claim They Will Continue Fair and Balanced Reporting

Two independent Venezuelan newspapers, El Nacional and Correo del Caroní, were attacked this week with guns, animal feces and political hate messages. The criminals left a political note in favor of Nicolás Maduro’s administration and against the news spread everyday by the main independent newspapers of the country.

The aggressors were reportedly members of the collective “ChaMa Pueblo Rebelde,” one of the armed groups backing the government’s socialist ideas.

As the effected newspaper states, the suspects tried to break the locks, and threw things. They left a leaflet that stated the newspaper “continues generating chaos with their work.”

“Just as they were key to the 2002 coup of commander Hugo Chávez, they continue on their filthy task of misinforming, generating chaos and favoring macabre, foreign and imperial intervention,” the note read.

U.S. Supports “Dialogue” as Venezuela Sinks into Brutal Dictatorship

Speaker of Venezuela’s National Assembly Vows to Stand Firm in Face of Violence to Revoke Maduro

Speaking to the press outside Venezuela’s parliament, Henry Ramos Allup, Speaker of the National Assembly, accused Nicolás Maduro’s government of “taking all types of measures to prevent the opposition from telling the world” about the true extent of the country’s current economic and humanitarian crisis.

Standing in front of a bleeding Julio Borges, the leader of the largest parliamentary block who was physically attacked on Thursday by Chavista sympathizers, Ramos Allup stated that the Maduro regime is violating “Venezuelans’ right to recall this government.”

Chavista “Collectives:” How 21st Century Brown Shirts Oppress Venezuelans

Armed Thugs who Commit Crimes with Government’s Consent Are the Last Support of Venezuela’s Failed Socialist Revolution

As Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis worsens and protests against the government increase, the violent “collectives,” the Chavista regime’s “shock troops,” have become infamous for their attacks against opposition politicians, journalists, and citizens.

On Thursday, June 9, Julio Borges, the leader of the largest opposition party in the National Assembly, was brutally assaulted while protesting peacefully in front of the National Electoral Council (CNE). Borges himself accused the Chavista collectives of carrying out the attack.

Donkey Business: Venezuelan Police Arrest Animals Mocking Maduro

Demonstration With Two Animals Mocking President Maduro’s Facial Hair Broken Up By Police

The Venezuelan Police confiscated two donkeys on Friday, May 3 at a protest in Caracas.

The situation began as several members of Primero Justicia, an opposition party, demonstrated against the government on an important street in the capital next to two donkeys which they had dressed as President Nicolás Maduro.

The animals were made to carry banners insulting the President and to wear mustaches that mocked his facial hair. The demonstrators were chantings the phrase: “revoke the ass!”

Colombian Guerrilla Presumably Kidnapped Missing Spanish Journalist

Officials Say a Kidnapping Would Violate International Humanitarian Law

Though there is no confirmation that the National Liberation Army (ELN) has kidnapped Spanish journalist Salud Hernández, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a warning recently saying that if they did, it would be a violation of international humanitarian law.

The ELN said it will consult with its various fronts to see if they do or do not have the reporter, and will issue a response in the coming days.

“Should it be confirmed that it was a kidnapping by ELN, it would not only be a crime under Colombian law, but also a violation of international humanitarian rights,” José Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director for HRW América, said.