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Bolivian General Who Captured Che Guevara Denounces Trial Fueled by “Vengeance”

Retired General Gary Prado Salmón captured the legendary leftist guerrilla rebel Ernesto “Che” Guevara 49 years ago.
He stands trial for terrorism after a confusing episode in 2009 when the police defused a plot to allegedly overthrow the Bolivian government — accusations that he claims are a way to avenge the downfall of Guevara.

“They have created a myth around him,” Salmon said. “Who will you blame? I am one of the few survivors of that time, and they have no one else to blame for that.”

With New Wage Increase, Venezuela Braces for Worsening Inflation, Layoffs

President Nicolás Maduro Raises Minimum Wage 50 Percent

Venezuela’s national minimum wage was raised 50 percent this week, but experts warned President Nicolás Maduro the increase could result in closures to small businesses.

During a national radio and television broadcast, the president said the minimum wage will be set at VEF $22,076 (US $2,218) monthly, while the food bonus will be VEF $42,480 (US $4,269).

Maduro has bragged in the past about the 14 increases in minimum wage made over the last three years, but fails to address that the country faces the highest inflation in the world.

Venezuela Food Shortages Claim Lives of Malnourished Children

Without Food, Children Are Dying from Malnutrition at Increasing Rate

When 18-month-old Royer Machado died from malnutrition in Zulia, Venezuela, the authorities did not arrest his mother.

The child had gone more than 72 hours without eating, but his mother lived in extreme poverty and couldn’t get the resources she needed; that was just the nature of Venezuela today.

Hugo Chávez Helped Iran Develop Nuclear Weapons, Brazilian Magazine Reports

A Brazilian magazine has accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of having helped Iran evade nuclear weapons sanctions put in place by the United Nations (UN).

The magazine Veja stated in its August 19 publication that the Chavez administration secretly helped sponsor Tehran with the production of raw material for nuclear weapons and rockets.

A document dated August 3, 2009 shows President Hugo Chavez’s signature approving financial help with an atomic bomb.

Uruguay to Finally Allow Marijuana Sales in Pharmacies

Some Stores Back Out of Sale of Drug

Uruguay will finally be creating a registry for consumers who want to buy marijuana in pharmacies.

The government reported the amount of marijuana that is produced for sale in pharmacies is enough for distribution; however, according to experts and surveys of domestic consumers, it won’t actually cover the country’s demand.

Spanish Marxist Professor Alfredo Serrano Is the Man Behind Venezuela’s Economic Mess


Maduro Places Confidence in a Spanish Marxist Professor He Calls ‘the Jesus Christ of the Economy

The main culprits of the most radical measures taken by the Venezuelan government come from Spanish politician Alfredo Serrano Mancilla, according to Spanish Adviser to President Nicolás Maduro Deputy Carlos Valero.

Valero told the newspaper ABC in Spain that Serrano “is the author of the latest and most radical economic measures undertaken by the Chavistas, who have only managed to impoverish the country.”

Bolivian Miners Take Policemen Hostage amid Protests against Forced Unionization

Clashes Between Police and Miners Leave Dozens Arrested, Wounded

Clashes between police and miners in Bolivia left dozens arrested and two wounded Wednesday, August 10, as well as several officers being taken hostage.

The miners said they wanted the government to retract imposed regulations on the operation of cooperatives requiring the creation of unions, as mining companies work with thousands of contract workers.

Tensions Rise Between Bolivia and Chile after U.S. Military Carries Out Exercises on the Border

Evo Morales Takes to Twitter to Accuse US and Chile of Carrying Out Military Operations.

President of Bolivia Evo Morales used his Twitter account this week to denounce the “joint military maneuvers between Chile and the USA” bordering his country.

The conflict and tension between the two countries has increased this year, mostly originating from Bolivia’s claim to a passage to the sea.

Morales has claimed Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca received poor treatment when he visited Chilean ports and the Silala River.

Mass Migration Is Here to Stay — We Must Deal with It Humanely

Of the 150,000 Venezuelans who recently crossed the border to Colombia, there are at least 25,000 citizens hoping to stay and start life over anew.

Their decision is understandable: the shortage of goods in Venezuela, which led them to cross the border in the first place, is not a sustainable way to live.

Additionally, Venezuela’s inflation has reached exorbitant figures, its entire production apparatus now in ruins.

Businesses on the Colombian border received this flurry of new buyers with open arms. But many other Colombians have already begun to worry. It’s a burden to introduce tens of thousands of new people into an already functioning society. And if Colombia officially opens its doors to Venezuelans, the number will increase to hundreds of thousands — if not millions.

FARC to Live in Special Areas Across Colombia Follow Disarmament

Negotiators Visited Rural Locations Where Demobilized Guerrilla Members Will Transition to Civilian Life

A charter flight took off from Havana, Cuba to Bogotá, Colombia this Monday, August 8, carrying 17 FARC guerillas who had taken part in the negotiations with the government.

They were on their way to visit, along with Colombian government officials and Norwegian arbiters, concentrated locations in which demobilized FARC members may live after the peace talks.

Additionally, United Nations officials reportedly negotiated overseeing the removal of weapons by FARC.

FARC Demands Deal-Breaker Amnesty for 9,000 Guerrilla Prisoners

FARC’s Final Request Could Make or Break Peace Talks

A new requirement has been added to the peace agreement between the guerilla group FARC and the Colombian government.

FARC reportedly wants the release of 9,000 prisoners, that, if not agreed to, would end the peace process.

Guerrilla leader Carlos Antonio Lozada, who was in Colombia to visit the villages for FARC members after disarmament, confirmed the new request.

“If there’s no amnesty, there will be no final agreement, it is that simple,” he said. “If there is an amnesty law, there will be no final agreement and if there is no agreement there will be no mobilization of those zones.”

Venezuela: Maduro Promotes General Accused of Drug Trafficking in US to Minister

Major General Nestor Luis Reverol, who was in charge of the National Anti-Drug Organization (ONA) in Venezuela, is officially a fugitive from US justice, according to New York’s Eastern District Federal Court in Brooklyn.

Reverol, who was appointed on Tuesday, August 2 as Interior Minister of Justice and Peace by President Nicolás Maduro, has been charged by the United States with crimes related to his participation in drug trafficking.

Colombian Courts Greenlight Controversial FARC Peace Referendum

Colombia’s Constitutional Court Issues Regulations for Yes/No Vote on Guerilla Peace Talks

The Constitutional Court of Colombia — in charge of constitutional revision to laws and public initiatives — approved the FARC peace process referendum July 18.

Magistrate Luis Ernesto Vargas wrote a positive opinion draft of the referendum, meaning that after studying the proposal, he told the other eight justices the referendum was in accordance with the Colombian legal system.

Afterward, there was a debate in which the approval of the referendum being yes/no — a 7-2 decision.

FARC: Peace Deal Will Create “Parallel Socialist States” within Colombia

Alleged FARC Commander Tells Men to “Prepare to Rule” New Socialist Enclaves

In a video published by Bogotá city councilman Daniel Palacios an alleged commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is seen talking to his underlings.

He is apparently trying to lecture guerrilla troops about the FARC’s current peace negotiations with President Juan Manuel Santos which are taking place in Havana, Cuba. His version of the peace accords, however, is at odds with the official government line.

Brexit: A Revolt against One World Government

Brexit has recently taken over the news and social media, with everyone focusing on their pet issue. Journalists, policy analysts, economists, and common folks stress only a one piece of the puzzle.

But Brexit is a complex problem, with multiple factors interfering simultaneously, and as happens with every vote, citizens decided on which electoral offer most attracted or repelled them.