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US Not A Genuine Broker, Can’t Separate Terrorists from Opposition: Syria Envoy

The US lacks the “political will” to “respect the terms of its own agreement,” which includes targeting terrorist groups in Syria, Syrian envoy to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, said in an exclusive comment to RT on Saturday.

Commenting on a remark made by a top US general about the proposed US-controlled no-fly zone in Syria in the wake of the bombing of a humanitarian convoy, Jaafari said he believes Washington is trying to divert attention away from the US bombing of Syrian troops in Deir ez-Zor and its own failure to uphold the terms of the new ceasefire deal.

Venezuela: Armed Chavistas “Welcome” Opposition Leader at Airport

Opposition Blames President Maduro for Uprising and Violence on the Island

Armed crowds reportedly detained Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles for more than four hours at the airport on Venezuela’s Margarita Island this week.

Capriles, who travels every year to the island to commemorate the day of the Virgen del Valle, was detained by an armed group of government supporters that surrounded the airport to prevent him from leaving. At noon, the governor was finally able to get out.