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How the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic Is Morphing — and Growing

The nation’s opioid epidemic shows no signs of abating—and in fact may be headed in a far more dangerous direction.

That’s the conclusion of journalist David Armstrong, who has been chronicling the scourge this year for STAT, a new health and medicine website. Armstrong has written about how heroin and, increasingly, fentanyl have overtaken narcotic painkillers as the drugs of choice for addicts — presenting new challenges for law enforcement and health professionals.

Living With An Opioid User: A Guide To Keeping Safe

I am an opioid user who is currently not using. Hold the applause; this isn’t about my “triumph” or whatever you want to call it. The time came for me to stop and I did. How is irrelevant. While I haven’t been using for about six months I am in a relationship with someone who is currently still using intravenously and this means I have to accommodate that fact in my life.

This isn’t about how I cope with having opioids around when I myself am so close to my own dependency. It’s about how I help to keep my partner safe when using. It’s about being a better friend and companion to someone who is still walking the tightrope between wanting to use and not. It’s about caring with action instead of empty words, aggressive interventions, and a lot of vapid nomenclature that does a lot to sell rehab beds to confused families and nothing to help the needy.