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Green Party Candidate Robert Fitrakis Talks Elections, Police Brutality, And The Two Party System

Robert Fitrakis Of Ohio Green Party

“There are numerous problems with the U.S. political system. First and foremost, there is the fact that we allow private, for-profit partisan companies to secretly program our election computers and central tabulators. Also, both major parties have been so compromised by Big Money and corporate money, they offer no real solutions to working U.S. citizens and those most in need of government services. We have the least electorally competitive legislative branch among the western industrial democracies. Ninety percent of our Congressional seats are gerrymandered and rigged in favor of an incumbent. So it is no surprise that recently Harvard and the University of Australia ranked the U.S. dead last, the least democratic of all the 47 long-standing democracies in the world.”

Bluer Skies Ahead for Ohio: FirstEnergy Announces Landmark Coal Retirements

Ohio leading Nation in coal retirements; has an opportunity to lead the country in clean energy production and manufacturing.

Today, FirstEnergy (FE) announced it would retire five coal generating units no later than 2020, specifically Units 1 through 4 of its W.H. Sammis Plant and the sole remaining unit of the Bay Shore Plant; totalling 901 MWs of coal retirements. The majority of these units have been front and center in an ongoing two-year fight before the Ohio Public Utilities Commission where FirstEnergy has been trying to secure subsidies from its customers that could be used to keep these aging and ailing coal units open. In a news release, the company also raised the possibility that it could sell the Bay Shore unit instead of simply deactivating it — but FirstEnergy Generation President Jim Lash acknowledged that “[i]t’s no longer economically viable to operate these facilities.”

Failure in Youngstown, Pt. 2: Unelected Executive Power

On 12 February, 13 employees of the Mill Creek MetroParks, one of the largest municipal park systems in the United States, were dismissed without notice. These employees were not permitted to gather their belongings or to speak with their co-workers, and were escorted off the premises by MetroPark police officers. Two of these employees, Ray Novotny and Keith Kaiser, were department heads and had worked as public servants at Mill Creek for over 30 and 27 years, respectively. This is an ongoing series to examine the causes of these firings, and what the culture of the Mill Creek MetroParks says about local government.

You can view the original Pontiac Tribune article on this issue here.

Much of the controversy surrounding the February firings, as well as numerous other issues relating to Mill Creek Metroparks management, has centered around Executive Director Aaron Young, who was hired in January 2015. The circumstances surrounding Young’s appointment were themselves controversial, and are partially the subject of Part One in this series. This installment will focus on the mercurial character of Aaron Young, his leadership, and interactions with members of the community in order to help show why broad executive powers should not be vested in unelected officials.

Shutdown for Justice: Tamir Rice

Cleveland, OH (TFC) – It has been one year since Tamir Rice was murdered by Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann. There has been zero justice or closure for the Rice family. The community is still feeling the pain of this…