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Mass murder of uncontacted tribe in Brazil

https://www.flickr.com/photos/internetarchivebookimages/14595574178/Source book page: https://archive.org/stream/putumayodevilspa00hard/putumayodevilspa00hard#page/n236/mode/1up, No restrictions, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42740965

(TFC) – According to reports released by a watchdog organization advocating for indigenous tribes, illegal gold miners in Brazil slaughtered as many as ten members of previously uncontacted tribe deep in the jungles of the country. The miners were bragging…

Guinea: 7 Years On, Justice for Massacre Needed

Guinea has yet to deliver justice for the grave crimes committed on September 28, 2009, at a Conakry stadium, six international and national human rights groups said today, in advance of the massacre’s seventh anniversary. That day, more than 150 peaceful protesters were massacred by security forces and more than 100 women were raped. Hundreds of injuries and widespread looting were also documented.

“How much longer will we have to wait for justice to be done?” said Asmaou Diallo, president of the Association of Victims, Parents, and Friends of September 28. “We recognize the progress made, but we anxiously await the day those responsible for the murder and rape of our loved ones will have their day in court.”

Placing a Massacre of Cuban Civilians Into Context

One Instance Where the True Nature of the Cuban Government Was Exposed

In Cuba there are missing and it is known who has disappeared them, the latter are heroes for the government….There are more than 20 murdered children waiting to be claimed and mothers and grandmothers who were not allowed to look for them when they were killed off the coast of Havana.
~ Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, El Nuevo Herald, March 18, 2005*

Cuba is being subjected to a totalitarian dictatorship that for over half a century has erased and rewritten inconvenient chapters of its history. As was the case with the Soviet Union under Stalin, the scale of the crimes cannot be accurately measured during the life of the dictator. Occasionally, however, state security and the propaganda machinery, unable to cover up a particular crime, offer an insight into the regime’s underlying nature. The events of July 13, 1994, are one such instance.

Enjoy Another Sugar-Coated Thanksgiving, America

Seattle, Washington (TFC) – A public school teacher in Alaska created a call-to-action in The New York Times today challenging educators and family members to teach the truth about Thanksgiving to children. Yatibaey Evans, educator and president-elect of the National…