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Our Inability to Unite

Conceived as a child out of wedlock from parents who were from different sides of the tracks is an interesting start. I don’t claim to be anything that I’m not. A mid-western love affair of two teenagers who were trying to make a mark in life.

Each reader has their own story. A story of happiness, sadness, joy, or sorrow. A personal story of the past, and a new story to write for the future. Regardless, we are a group who should be trying to improve life, and at the least tolerate one another. The existence of people we have personally created, the friends we have made, our family members, or simply the other humans who inhabit our planet can all be both loved and obnoxious. Sometimes in the exact same moment, which takes a special kind of talent.
The news channels want you to worry about the latest shooting. The television networks want you to watch all of their shows. Magazines want you to know who is too fat, or too thin. The Republicans battle the Democrats. The Democrats battle the Republicans. The Independents tell you to be independent, and here you are; trying to decide what is best for your country, community, family, and self.