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Tradecraft: Looting for Survival

(TFC) – If you’re hoping this article will tell you how to knock over your local retailer during a riot, you’re in wrong place. Ok, so you didn’t take the advice of our Tradecraft series. You didn’t prepare, and now…

Venezuela: Countless Wounded after 5,000 Loot Supermarket

Venezuela saw a new wave of looting this week that resulted in at least two deaths, countless wounded, and millions of dollars in losses and damages.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 11, a crowd sacked the Maracay Wholesale Market in the central region of Venezuela.

According to the testimonies of merchants, the endless food lines that Venezuelans have been enduring to do groceries could not be organized that day.

As time went by, desperate Venezuelans grew anxious over not being able to buy food. Then they started jumping over the gates.

Looting On the Rise As Venezuela Runs Out of Food, Electricity

Despair and violence is taking over Venezuela. The economic crisis sweeping the nation means people have to withstand widespread shortages of staple products, medicine, and food.

So when the Maduro administration began rationing electricity this week, leaving entire cities in the dark for up to 4 hours every day, discontent gave way to social unrest.