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Hezbollah Condemns Lebanon’s Terrorist Blasts

The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement denounced on Monday the terrorist blasts in eastern Lebanon, saying that some countries and entities in the Middle East and across the world are providing support for terrorists.

The condemnation by the movement came after at least six civilians were killed and 19 others injured when four terrorists detonated their explosives in a crowded area in al-Qaa village, a few kilometers from the border with Syria.

Lebanon: Lawyer Held for Facebook Posts

Protect Freedom of Expression, Stop Criminal Prosecutions

Lebanese authorities arrested a lawyer and human rights activist, Nabil al-Halabi, on May 30, 2016 over his Facebook posts criticizing government officials. The authorities should immediately release him.

In his Facebook posts, al-Halabi accused Interior Ministry officials of corruption and possible complicity with people arrested by Internal Security forces on March 27 in connection with sex trafficking of Syrian women. On April 12, Interior Minister Nohad Machnouk filed a libel and defamation complaint against al-Halabi with the Public Prosecution in Beirut, citing the Facebook posts. A senior advisor to Machnouk also filed a separate libel and defamation complaint over the Facebook posts. Imprisonment for defamation normally violates freedom of expression as guaranteed under international law, and al-Halabi’s detention may also violate Lebanese law.

‘How can you say no?’

After nearly five years of war in Syria, its tiny neighbour Lebanon has the highest concentration of refugees in the world. But while an overstretched government is increasingly hostile, some Palestinian residents are bucking the trend, responding with great generosity – across the religious divide. Reem Haddad reports.