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UK body builds Cairo court, as Irish student faces death penalty in Egypt

A state-owned Belfast business is helping to furnish an Egyptian juvenile court, despite concerns over mass trials and death sentences in the country – including in the case of an Irish juvenile.

New research by human rights organization Reprieve has revealed that, since March 2015, Northern Ireland Cooperation Overseas (NI-CO) – a state-owned UK business that has contracts with the Foreign Office – has been involved in a €10 million EU-funded project to support “the Administration of Justice” in Egypt, in partnership with the country’s Ministry of Justice.

Leaked Documents Reveal Scale of Abuse at Australia’s Offshore Detention Centre in Nauru

Over two thousand leaked files revealed a disturbing string of sexual abuse, assault and self-harm incidents at Australia’s detention centre for asylum seekers on the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru. The redacted documents were published by The Guardian this week. With more than 8,000 pages, the leaks cover the period between May 2013 and October 2015. Over half of the incidents involve children.

On one occasion, a guard at the centre allegedly hit a five year old girl “so hard it lifted her off her feet and sent her crashing to the ground”. Another file detailed how a father threatened to kill both himself and his children on multiple occasions, but was initially not referred to mental health services. In another report, a female asylum seeker was told she was ‘on a list’ of single women Nauru guards were ‘waiting for’.

The leaked documents also exposed a raft of cruel and intolerable living conditions: women with incontinence refused sanitary pads; doctors’ orders for urgent medical attention routinely ignored; filthy toilets that remained so for weeks; and detainees forced to live in cockroach-infested tents.

Ministers urged to correct claims over Saudi juveniles executions

International human rights organization Reprieve is urging the UK Government to correct inaccurate statements it has made about three juveniles facing beheading in Saudi Arabia.

Ali al Nimr, Dawoud al Marhoon and Abdullah al Zaher were aged 17, 17 and 15 (respectively) when they were sentenced to death for alleged involvement in protests calling for reform in the Kingdom.

However, the UK Government has wrongly maintained that “under Saudi Law they are considered to have been adult at the time.”

Disturbing Abu Ghraib-Style Abuse at a Juvenile Facility in Australia’s Northern Territory

After disturbing images of Abu Ghraib-style treatment of children at a juvenile detention facility in Australia’s Northern Territory aired on a national TV show, many Australians are calling for political accountability and a broad review of detention conditions across the country, especially for its most vulnerable population: Indigenous children. Others are saying local media and rights groups in the Northern Territory have been reporting the abuse for years, but it was largely ignored by the public and the government.

Despite covering over 1,349,129 square kilometres (520,902 square miles), the Northern Territory only has a population of 243,700; a third of whom are Indigenous Australians.

Four Corners, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation weekly current affairs show, which aired extensive footage taken at the Don Dale facility in 2014 in an episode titled Australia’s Shame, shows young offenders as they are “stripped naked, assaulted and tear gassed.”