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Save The Kids National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth

WHAT: All across the country organizations, groups, collectives, mosques, synagogues, community centers, bookstores, schools, clubs, churches, recreation centers and temples have organized daily events which will occur in their communities during the 4th Annual National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth. The goal of these events are to raise awareness about the school to prison pipeline and ending the incarceration of all youth.

HISTORY: The National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth (NWAAIY) was founded in 2013 to dismantle the prison half of the school-to-prison-pipeline. The National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth is a project which is run solely by volunteers and it is organized by hundreds of groups and individuals around the United States.

Interview With Rev. Christine Grace

Reverend Christine Grace is an ordained Unity Minister, and is currently the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Chattanooga in Tennessee. She has a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. She is also a certified Life Coach through Coach for Life. Her passion is living Truth in all ways, and she loves to assist others in living their Truth. Her motto is “More to All and less to none”, and she believes as we each live our own Truth with a capital “T”, we all prosper.

Interview with 99: Lavonne Mireles

Not a body, an embodiment. Not a possession, passion. Not subjective, a collective. Meditating on practicing objective observing, application of life school lessons, transmuting negative experiences into positive realizations. A montage of all the moments.

Interview with Wildist John F Jacobi

John Jacobi is a conservationist and student at UNC Chapel Hill. He founded and edited the student magazine The Wildernist for two years, and now he edits the newsletter Hunter/Gatherer, outlining the eco-radical philosophy of “wildism.

Interview with Gary Chartier

Gary Chartier is Distinguished Professor of Law and Business Ethics and Associate Dean of the Zapara School of Business at La Sierra University in Riverside, California. He is the author, editor, or co-editor of ten books, including Public Practice, Private Law (Cambridge 2016), Anarchy and Legal Order (Cambridge 2013), The Conscience of an Anarchist (Cobden 2011), and Markets Not Capitalism (Minor Compositions-Autonomedia 2011) (co-edited with Charles W. Johnson).

Interview with Christian Collier

He is an accomplished artist, public speaker, and educator who has shared the stage with several members of HBO’s Def Poetry cast, legendary poet and activist Ishmael Reed, Grammy-nominated artist Minton Sparks, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members The Impressions, etc. Mr. Collier has also given a TED Talk and repeatedly been featured on the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel, which prides itself on featuring the best spoken word artists working today. Some of his works have been featured in The Guardian, and published in such publications as The Seven Hills Review, Dirty Chai, Voicemail Poems, Calliope Magazine, and The Origami Poetry Project to name a few, and his 2009 chapbook Ghosts & Echoes has sold hundreds of copies, independently, solely off the strength of readings and live performances.

Interview With John Paul Wright

John Carico: What got you involved in social justice and labor organizing? John Paul Wright: I got involved in social justice activism as a result of my mother going to college late in life. In my teens my mother went…