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Paolo Gentiloni Picked to Replace Matteo Renzi as Italian PM


Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s foreign minister, has been chosen to replace Matteo Renzi as prime minister amid signs of a quick solution to the political crisis that has convulsed the eurozone’s third-largest economy during the past week.

After three days of consultations with parliamentary leaders of all stripes, Sergio Mattarella, Italy’s president, on Sunday summoned Gentiloni to the presidential palace in central Rome and asked him to form a government.

“I consider this a high honor, which I will carry out with dignity and responsibility,” Gentiloni said, according to the Financial Times.

Mining for Red Gold

Workers in Italy’s tomato industry are organising against exploitation and poor working conditions in one of the country’s most important sectors. Migrant workers find themselves at the sharp end of industry abuses, which local government has continually failed to tackle and anti-slavery legislation proves wildly insufficient to prevent.

On 25th August, some 400 migrant farm workers totally blockaded two of the largest tomato processing factories in Europe, located in the industrial hub in the outskirts of the city of Foggia, in Puglia, southern Italy. They brought processing and logistics operations to a halt for more than six hours, The strike was the culmination of a year’s cycle of struggles, and was directed against the processing plants of Futuragri S.C.A. and Princes Industrie Alimentari S.r.L. The latter is a subsidiary of the multinational food giant Princes Ltd., owned since 1989 by the Mitsubishi Group and based in Liverpool, UK. Many of the 300 lorry drivers affected by the blockade also joined the farm workers in protesting against their employers, who force them to wait unpaid outside the factory for up to 24 hours.

Economic Growth in Italy an ‘Impossible Task’ Unless Euro is Abandoned

An Italian decision to leave the eurozone could help keep the country’s economy afloat, Claudio Borghi, a member of the Italian political party Lega Nord, told Sputnik.
In an interview with Sputnik, Claudio Borghi, an economics expert affiliated with the Italian political party Lega Nord (Northern League), said that by leaving the Eurozone, Italy could boost its economy considerably.

The interview came as many politicians in Europe have voiced support for the idea of leaving the Eurozone to regain economic sovereignty, something that does not necessarily imply withdrawal from the EU.