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UK body builds Cairo court, as Irish student faces death penalty in Egypt

A state-owned Belfast business is helping to furnish an Egyptian juvenile court, despite concerns over mass trials and death sentences in the country – including in the case of an Irish juvenile.

New research by human rights organization Reprieve has revealed that, since March 2015, Northern Ireland Cooperation Overseas (NI-CO) – a state-owned UK business that has contracts with the Foreign Office – has been involved in a €10 million EU-funded project to support “the Administration of Justice” in Egypt, in partnership with the country’s Ministry of Justice.

Egypt dismisses UN’s concerns for Irish student facing death penalty

In a recent letter to the UN’s Human Rights Council, Egyptian diplomats responded to a series of concerns raised by the UN body in an urgent appeal on the case of Ibrahim Halawa. Ibrahim – a student from Dublin – was 17 when he was arrested in 2013 in the wake of protests in Cairo. He is being tried alongside 493 other people in mass proceedings, which have been repeatedly postponed in the last three years. Ibrahim is believed to be held in poor prison conditions, and has reported being tortured and threatened with execution throughout his detention. During visits to him, Irish consular officials have noted “serious marks and bruising” on his body.