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Mayan Communities in Guatemala March to Reinstate Their Ancestral Rights to Communal Lands

Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in Guatemala are organizing in light of new threats from their government. The authorities of the Mayan Ch’orti’, Q’eqchi’, Kaqchikel, and Ixil indigenous communities have petitioned the Guatemalan Constitutional Court to protect and publicly uphold the rights entitled to them as IPs. In 2015, a communiqué from RRI’s Collaborator the Coordinator for Associations and Communities for the Integral Development of the Ch’orti’ Region (COMUNDICH) revealed that municipality leaders revoked an agreement that acknowledged the Tachoche and Tizamarte communities as indigenous Maya Ch’orti’; an act which removed them from the government registry without prior notification. COMUNDICH along with RRI’s Collaborators FUNDAMAYA and Utz’ Che’ are now organizing a march on October 12 as part of their advocacy strategy to reinstate their historic and registered right to communal lands and territories, a right which has been disregarded by corruption within the national Registry for Property.

Enjoy Another Sugar-Coated Thanksgiving, America

Seattle, Washington (TFC) – A public school teacher in Alaska created a call-to-action in The New York Times today challenging educators and family members to teach the truth about Thanksgiving to children. Yatibaey Evans, educator and president-elect of the National…