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Can Brazilians resist the coup?

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Brazil (NI) – Corruption scandals, impeachment, power grabs, protest and a general strike this week. Mariana T Noviello explains the crisis engulfing her country – and what needs to happen. The consensus among the Brazilian Left is that the impeachment of President…

S. Koreans Demand President’s Removal in New Year’s Eve Protest


Even on New Year’s Eve, large crowds of South Koreans gathered to join another rally demanding the ouster of impeached President Park Geun-hye, who’s determined to restore her powers through a court trial.

Carrying signs and candles and blowing horns, people packed a boulevard in front of an old palace gate that has been the center of massive but peaceful protests in recent weeks. Marches were planned near Seoul’s presidential palace and the Constitutional Court, AP reported.

Park’s supporters rallied in nearby streets, surrounded by thick lines of police.

Impeachment in Brazil triggers civil unrest (VIDEO)

The Brazilian Senate overwhelmingly voted to remove Dilma Rousseff from office this week after a year-long impeachment process that has paralyzed South America’s largest country, exposing deep divisions among its society. Rousseff will be replaced for the remainder of her term by Michel Temer, her former running mate who help lead the campaign to oust her.

Protests against Rousseff’s impeachment took place in several Brazilian cities this week. São Paulo had daily protests since Monday — all of them met violently by the police — who used stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators. On Wednesday, the day when the impeachment was sealed and which saw the largest protest, university student Débora Fabri was hit in the face by bomb shrapnel and spent the night at a local hospital. She later wrote on her Facebook page that she has been blinded in her left eye.