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From zero to superhero

As a kid reading Arabic-language versions of DC and Marvel comics in Sudan, I believed in superheroes. But I didn’t understand why none of the superheroes looked like me or had stories to which people like me could relate. Maybe that’s why I decided to become a cartoonist?

All my childhood feelings came to the surface yesterday on Twitter when I stumbled on the viral video of a man selflessly scaling a four-storey building in less than 20 seconds to save a child, hashtagged #ParisSpiderman.

Behave or Get Deported, Says G4S

United Kingdom (OpenDemocracy) – EXCLUSIVE: The world’s biggest security company, landlord to asylum-seekers, threatens tenants with expulsion from the UK. About 900 people who are seeking asylum live in the city of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire. For five years G4S, the…