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Parliament approves law to fight human trafficking

The National Parliament has approved proposed law no. 26/III/2015 on the prevention and fight against human trafficking.

Of the 64 MPs, 34 were present, with 32 voting in favor, two abstentions and none against.

Deputy President of Commission A (responsible for constitution, justice, public administration, local authorities and anti-corruption) Arao Noel de Jesus Amaral said the law would provide a legal basis to fight against human trafficking in the country.

“So far we have no law and so it is hard for the judges in court and the prosecution to take preventive action in human trafficking cases,” he told parliament.

He said the law would criminalize the trafficking of people in and out of Timor for the purpose of sexual exploitation and forced labor.

What lies beneath prostitution policy in New Zealand?

The rosy rhetoric that surrounds prostitution policy in New Zealand is being exposed by survivors of the prostitution system and the way that harm is glossed over by defenders of this approach.

Prostitution and trafficking are increasingly contested in international human rights and policy forums, with debates polarised around the question of whether the prostitution system entrenches institutionalised male dominance, or if its harm grows out of associated criminality and stigma. In April 2016 France joined other countries in adopting the approach now often referred to as the Nordic Model – decriminalisation of selling sex alongside exit and support programmes, together with criminalisation of sex purchase. This human rights approach sits in sharp contrast to the endorsement of the New Zealand approach by Amnesty International and in the interim report of the UK Home Affairs Select Committee.