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Homeless People Outside Tehran Are Taking Refuge in Empty Graves


Images of homeless people in Iran taking refuge in empty graves outside of Tehran have shocked Persian social-media users, leading to outrage and calls for the government to intervene.

The public uproar intensified after the newspaper Shahrvand, a publication believed to be close to the reformist government of Hassan Rouhani, ran a feature called “Life in the Grave.”

Since the story broke, Iranians have been discussing it heatedly online. One anonymous Twitter user called “Maktoub” quoted an ironic line by the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini, saying, “I prefer the ‘slum dwellers’ to the ‘palace dwellers.’” The irony of this statement was shown in the juxtoposition of an image of a homeless man living in a grave, with the image of the palace-like shrine, built with government money, that houses his tomb.

Homeless in Durban “dumped” outside the city


Municipality spokesperson says “vagrants” are a “scourge”

Homeless people in Durban say their rights are being violated by Metro Police in the wake of clean-up operations as the festive season approaches. And while the City says it is only responding to residents and business owners’ complaints about the “scourge” of street people, its policies were slammed by a leading Durban organisation that helps the homeless.

Sirens, flashing blue lights, and loud voices jolt a dozen street people out of their sleep early one morning, while it is still dark, outside a Durban tyre business.

Denver Launches Program To Give Jobs To Thousands Of Homeless, Supports Other Projects

The election of a Republican President hasn’t seemed to slowed the thump of progressive policies. In Denver, officials are initiating a program aimed at providing thousands of paying jobs to the homeless. A variety of work is included in the plan, launching as similar projects crop up elsewhere.

Initiated on November 1st, “Denver Day Works” hopes to put thousands of the city’s homeless to work. According to Denverite, many assignments include park maintenance, planting trees, clearing snow, etc. Denver Human Services Spokeswoman Julie Smith says they’re aiming for “low to no barriers. No background checks. Do you want work? We’re going to put you to work today.”

France’s Waste-Not Experiment

The U.S. should take note of these new laws banning plasticware and requiring supermarkets to donate food.

France has embarked on two experiments we should take note of. First, the nation just banned all non-biodegradable disposable plastic cups, plates, and utensils. Second, they passed a law requiring supermarkets to donate unspoiled food they don’t want to charities instead of throwing it away.

I used to work in a supermarket, so I’ve seen what gets thrown away. In fact, I’ve thrown good food away myself. Perfectly good loaves of bread, bagels, muffins, brownies, and pastries — I put it all in the trash.