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Trump Bigotry: A Catalyst for GOP Abandonment

David Johnson becomes the first elected Republican in the nation to abandon the Grand Old Party due to Donald Trump.

Senator David Johnson of Ocheyedan, Iowa has suspended his membership to the Republican party in protest. Recent comments made by the presumptive GOP nominee towards a Judge overseeing three class action lawsuits involving fraud allegations. This, Trump’s latest of over 3,500 lawsuits that cover the span of 3 decades. the aforementioned comments were made in multiple interviews soon after the judge made defining decisions in regards to the lawsuits and Trump University.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel, presiding over the litigation involving Trump University, is an Indiana native and the son of Mexican immigrants. Ingressing in Arizona as a laborer in the 1920s, Curiel’s father, Salvador, eventually obtained citizenship and became a steelworker. Salvador married Curiel’s mother, Francisca, in Mexico in 1946. She became a citizen after joining her husband in the United States. I’ll note that Donald Trump’s mother didn’t come to the America until the 1930s, and she became a citizen just as Curiel’s mother did, by marrying a man who was an American citizen, which makes his bigotry even more unwarranted.

What is Donald Trump’s Endgame?: Revisited

Back in February, I wrote an article speculating about what Donald Trump was trying to achieve with his bid for the presidency. Given the strong social ties between the Trump and Clinton families, I concluded that Trump does not actually want to be president and that the likely reason for his candidacy was to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I argued that his campaign was a deliberate attempt to alienate the demographics that the Republican Party needs to win the general election. Since I wrote that article, Donald Trump has done just that and has become the GOP’s presumptive nominee. Hillary Clinton has also come close to winning the Democratic nomination. In light of these developments, it is worth revisiting my previous theory about Trump.

Since my previous article, Trump’s actions have largely conformed to the theory that I put forth. I argued that Trump would probably gain a following amongst the most extreme parts of the GOP and then leave the party, which would leave the Republicans divided and unable to contest the general election. However, Trump’s campaign has been unexpectedly successful and he has since become the frontrunner of his party. In this position, Trump has been able to sabotage the Republican Party. Trump has increasingly taken extreme “policy positions” and has, in the process, made him and the Republican Party very unpopular with important voter demographics. This has basically assured his defeat in the general election. His antics have also tarnished the reputations of many of the other Republican candidates and are threatening the reelection prospects of Republicans in the House and Senate. This has caused civil war within the party that has left them in disarray.